GS Preparation Strategy - Suman Sourav Mohanty (AIR 9)

Suman Sourav Mahanty's IAS Preparation Strategy

Suman Sourav Mohanty, IAS (UPSC 2016 - AIR 9) shares his General Studies Preparation strategy and also quotes the guidance provided by Pavan Kumar Sir.

Suman became the top scorer in General Studies paper in the UPSC 2016 Civil Services Mains examination. He secured 475 marks out of 1000 marks in four General Studies Paper.

General Studies

General Studies Paper 2 (Polity & Governance)

It is said as most difficult paper but Sir helped by

1. How to use ARCs (Sir has made awesome notes summarizing ARCs)

2. Putting suggestions, way forward

3. 14 questions directly came from Sir s notes like Special Delhi Assembly, liberalization, people participation, J & K issue, quasi judicial bodies.

Detailed Strategy for Polity & Governance

There is a fear among the students that Polity & Governance paper is a very difficult paper. Marks in the last few years have also been very less in this paper compared to other papers of GS.

Pavan Sir s strategy helped me immensely in this paper. First of all, UPSC is giving more importance to governance issues and Second ARC reports are extremely crucial to get decent score in this paper. UPSC is testing the analytical ability of students to understand the issues and come out with practical solutions to the problems. I completely relied on Pavan Sir s Indian Administration Notes (Public Administration Paper II) for this paper. He has covered basic concepts and interlinked them to the current issues, which is the crux of this paper. More importantly he has covered all current events which helped me to answer almost all questions in this paper. I sincerely recommend students to attend his classes for this paper.

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General Studies Paper 3 (Economy, Internal Security & Disaster Management)

1. Interlinking concepts of Pub Ad & GS 3 (financial administration)

2. Questions on internal security, border management, rehabilitation policy, financial inclusion directly came from his notes & practice questions.

3. Balance between facts and logical answers.

For this paper again, I relied on Pavan Sir s Indian Economy classes. In those classes, he has covered extensively all topics of Indian Economy. More importantly he made us understand the interlinkages between various concepts in Economics that helped me to write analytical answers in this paper. Just before the Mains Examination, Sir had given us a list of probable questions and most of them had come in the examination. Pavan Sir s excellent analysis of Economic Survey (video available on Neostencil.Com) helped me in my interview.

General Studies Paper 4 (Ethics)

So called terror where many people get petrified.

1. Simplifying the concepts

2. Quoting ARC Interlinking Pub Ad with Ethics

3. Application of thinkers such as Aquinas, Gandhiji in case studies

4. Many questions of GS- IV had come from Pavan Sir s Test Series.

5. Focussing on relevant examples.

For Ethics Paper, I did not prepare much except reading Pavan Sir s notes. Case studies had directly come from his notes. Beyond this, I have nothing much to say.

General Studies Paper 1 (History, Geography & Social Issues)

How Sir Helped?

1. Use of Public Administration knowledge in GS I answers

2. Indus Water Treaty, South China Sea all came from Sir s questions.

Paper Marks in 2015 Mains Marks in 2016 Mains
GS Paper 1 93 131
GS Paper 2 91 106
GS Paper 3 94 122
GS Paper 4 94 116

Finally, I would tell students go to Sir, just listen to him and don t doubt his advice. He makes UPSC simple for you. It is all about interlinking concepts & providing relevant examples are Sir s favourite words. It is really true. Follow Sir and everyone would succeed.

Preparation for GS prelims is more factual and concepts based and is very different from GS Mains preparation. While preparing for IAS Mains, I had hardly gone through basic polity, economics, environment or Science & tech topics. GS in IAS Mains is more about analysis of topics and its interlinking with current affairs in all the four papers and this is where Pavan sir added immense contribution in getting highest score (475/1000) in UPSC this year.

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