Geography Optional divided into Module Courses

Module Courses for Geography have been designed keeping in mind the syllabus of the UPSC CSE Geography optional. Each subpart has been converted into a module to give a complete coverage to the syllabus. The complete Geography course is divided into 14 Module Courses, for example, Climatology, Geomorphology, Models and Theories in Geography etc.

Why Module Courses?

During UPSC preparation, most of the aspirants take coaching for the optional subjects, but very few make it to the list in their first attempt. In fact, for some, it gets 2 - 3 years before they write mains. In such case, one may develop doubts in some portion of the syllabus. The module courses can help in such cases to resolve your doubt by investing less time and money.

Keeping this in mind we have come up with Module courses for Geography.

Course suitability

Fine tune your preparation between Prelims and Mains

After Prelims, you have very less time for preparation for Mains. If you have doubts in some important topics, you cannot go for a full course both due to time constraint and a waste of money. It is wise to read the module course and clear your doubts.

Overcome doubts in a certain topic

If you have doubts only in some topics, Module courses are the best choice.

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