Geography Answer Writing Practice - Week 8 - Question 2

90 Days Geography Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 22-Jan-2018

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22-Jan-2018 - Question 2

Linguistic diversity is an asset as well as a challenge in India. Explain the statement focussing on the distribution of languages and the major steps taken to address the related issues. 2017 (200)

Model Answer

India is a diverse country and the inhabitants of India has come from various parts of the world during the historical period. Over the period there have been interaction and intermingling of various cultures and their languages but still, a people from different regions of India speak different languages.

The constitution of India recognizes 22 languages which is included in the 8th schedule. But the country can be divided into 12 linguistic regions. These are

lingustic region

This diversity of language has its benefit and challenges


  • The diversity of language has resulted in rich literary works in various regions of the country.
  • It has resulted in cultural uniqueness in the different region of the country and provided India a rich cultural heritage.
  • The diversity of Indian language has resulted in the conflict among the people of different languages as people speaking the same language share a sense of brotherhood and see other groups as different, with whom they do not want to share economic prosperity and political power and it leads to the demand of linguistic states in the country.
  • There are administrative challenges due to the diversity of language and it also resulted in internal security issues and ethnic conflict particular in the Northeastern states.
  • The flow of ideas and technology gets hindered as it is not easy to develop curriculums for such diverse set of languages.
In spite of the challenges, the government has taken measures to protect and flourish the linguistic diversity of the country.
  • The fundamental right provides protection to linguistic minorities.
  • 22 languages have been included in the 8th scheduled list, that helps in the development of these languages.
  • Initial education of a child of the linguistic minority must be provided in its own language.
  • Official language act is a step in right direction as it would slowly and steadily bridge the language barrier in the administrative matter.
These steps have allied the fear of linguistic domination of Hindi in the country and have allowed people to develop and prosper in their using their own language.
Note: The model answer is only for your reference and not an ideal answer for the question.

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