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90 Days Geography Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 19-Jan-2018

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19-Jan-2018 - Question 1

There is a rejuvenation of environmentalism as a paradigm in geographical studies. Comment. 2015 (250)

Model Answer

Environmentalism focuses to improve and protect the quality of the natural environment from harmful human activity, through the adoption of a political, economic and social organization that is thought to be necessary for benign treatment of the environment.

Environmentalism of 1960 s and 70 s was generally pessimistic reflecting a pervasive sense of civilization malice.

Work such as Rachel Carson s Silent Spring, Paul s Ehrlich s Pollution Bomb, Donella.H.Meadone s The limit to Growth, suggested that planetary ecosystem was reaching its limit.

This apocalyptic view of environmentalist was countered by another stream of an environmentalist.

They attempted to develop strategies for limiting environmental degradation through recycling, the use of alternative energy technologies and democratization of social & economic planning. This rejuvenation in environmentalism was observed in the growth of radicalism, welfareism as geographical perspective.

This rejuvenation in environmentalism can be further traced from earth summit 1992, which gave birth to the various global organizational structure for the protection of the environment. The recent Paris summit in 2015 shows our commitment to environmentalism and how together we can overcome the harms caused to the environment.

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