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90 Days Geography Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 10-Jan-2018

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10-Jan-2018 - Question 2

Integrated development of road and rail networks in a complementary framework is a prerequisite for regional development. Explain with reference to North-Eastern Region of India. 2017 (250)

Model Answer

Roads and railways are the most important means of transport and communication in India, which is a country of continental size. Smooth connectivity in the mainland of India has contributed to the development of trade, commerce, industries, agriculture in all the states baring the northeast region.

The density of roads and railways per 100 sq km is an important indicator of development. This has led to the development of expressways, bullet trains and fright corridors to spur the overall growth and economic development of different regions of the country.

However, North Eastern region has remained neglected from the development of roads and railways due to the reasons mentioned below:

Topography: The region has mountains and hills which makes the construction of roads and railways difficult as it requires more technical expertise and funds. Further, the area is prone to landslides and is deeply forested.

Ethnic strife: The tribal culture in the region and their internal conflict makes the region prone to violence. This affects the investment climate in the region and developmental activity is stuck.

Insurgency: The region has insurgency and secessionist tendency which has also been responsible for the lack of development of roadways and railways in the region.

The lack of roads and railways in the region has led to serious challenges and development deficit in the region and this has further fueled the insurgency and secessionist tendency in the region.

Some of the challenges are:

  • In spite of having natural resources, there is significant lack of development of the industrial sector.
  • The area has remained off the radar of the private capital and FDI which require the development of roads and railways for investment.
  • The area has lower per capita income and poor development indicators in terms of health.

Government initiative

Though the NE region has remained neglected since the last decade government has realigned their priorities in the region and has set up Ministry of North Eastern states to look into the development challenges in the region.

  • The government has recently approved a 1.4 trillion road development project in collaboration with Japan for faster and secure transport in the region.
  • Rail Ministry has given special attention to the region and wants to finish all the pending projects to connect all the states in the northeast region with the rail network.
  • BBIN corridor is also one of the important projects to connect NE area to the neighbouring country that will help the overall development of the region.
The completion of all these projects will bring smooth connectivity to the North East region and will lead to overall development of the region.
Note: The model answer is only for your reference and not an ideal answer for the question

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