Geography Answer Writing Practice - Week 5 - Question 5

90 Days Geography Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 05-Jan-2018

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05-Jan-2018 - Question 1

Distinguish between the characteristics of Chernozem and Sierozem soils. 2017 (200)

Model Answer

Chernozem and Sierozem are soils of sub-humid to dry climatic conditions. They are classified as Pedocals by Marbut in the genetic soil classification. They are the result of calcification of the soil horizon. But there are some differences also

Differences between Chernozem and Sierozem:

Found in the Temperate Grassland like Steppe or Prairie.Found in the desertic and semi-desertic areas in subtropical countries.
The Humus content is not more than 10 % in the soil composition.Being soil of desertic condition the humus is very low to non-existent.
The soil is dark in colour due to the base-rich Matrix.The soil has brownish grey colour.
Capillary action is less due to better moisture balance. Calcium layer is found deep within the soil profile.Capillary action well developed and it has led to deposition of lime and gypsum near to surface.
The soil is good for agriculture activity and has extensive agriculture in the area of chernozem.The soil is fertile and can support agriculture if irrigation facility is available.
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