Geography Answer Writing Practice - Week 11 - Question Set 3

90 Days Geography Answer Writing Practice - Questions for 16-Feb-2018

Geography Syllabus Covered in Week 11

4. Regional Planning: Concept of a region; Types of regions and methods of regionalisation; Growth centres and growth poles; Regional imbalances; regional development strategies; environmental issues in regional planning; Planning for sustainable development.

5. Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography: Systems analysis in Human geography; Malthusian, Marxian and demographic transition models; Central Place theories of Christaller and Losch;Perroux and Boudeville; Von Thunen s model of agricultural location; Weber s model of industrial location; Ostov s model of stages of growth. Heartland and Rimland theories; Laws of international boundaries and frontiers.







Instructions for Writing Answers

1. Click the Question links provided and write your answer on the individual question page.

2. Model Answers and Feedback would be provided on the individual question page.

3. Don't write answers on this Page.

For writing answers and to get Feedbacks click the Question links

1. Discuss the applicability of Christaller s Central Place Theory. 2017 (250)
2. Discuss the relevance of Von Thunen s model on agricultural location in the contemporary context. 2015 (200)

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