Geography Answer Writing Practice - Week 10 - Question Set 2

90 Days Geography Answer Writing Practice - Questions for 07-Feb-2018

Geography Syllabus Covered in Week 10

8. Regional Development and Planning: Experience of regional planning in India; Five Year Plans; Integrated rural development programmes; Panchayati Raj and decentralised planning; Command area development; Watershed management; Planning for backward area, desert, drought prone, hill, tribal area development; multi-level planning; Regional planning and development of island territories.

9. Political Aspects: Geographical basis of Indian federalism; State reorganisation; Emergence of new states; Regional consciousness and inter state issues; international boundary of India and related issues; Cross border terrorism; India s role in world affairs; Geopolitics of South Asia and Indian Ocean realm.






Instructions for Writing Answers

1. Click the Question links provided and write your answer on the individual question page.

2. Model Answers and Feedback would be provided on the individual question page.

3. Don't write answers on this Page.

For writing answers and to get Feedbacks click the Question links

1. Is planning for a cluster of villages a viable option, when planning for backward areas of the country? Discuss with suitable examples. 2015 (200)
2. Explain the origin, dimension and implications of Sino-Indian border dispute. 2016 (200)

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