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90 Days Geography Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 09-Feb-2018

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09-Feb-2018 - Question 1

How has India s Look East policy taken shape in the past two decades and how it may affect India s external trade? 2015 (200)

Model Answer

India s Look East policy has taken birth in the changing global situation of the early 1990 s. After the disintegration of the former USSR and end of cold war, the world political and economic condition changed dramatically and it forced India to reorient its Foreign policy to suit the changed global situation.

The Look East policy focused on increasing the engagement with East Asia and South East Asia. The main objective of the policy is to develop close economic relations with the countries of this region and to gain a better opportunity of the market, capital and technology for the rapid growth of Indian Economy.

Initially, the policy focused only on the development of trade and investment linkages with the members of the ASEAN. But now the Look East Policy has been rechristened to become Act East Policy. The Act east policy has expanded the content as well as the reach of this policy. Now the focus is not only the ASEAN but also non-ASEAN countries of East Asia. Again, besides economic relations, it is equally focused on deepening strategic relationships in the region.

The Policy has a great advantage for India s External Trade. The linkages provide capital and technology to develop the export led the growth of the country. The market in these countries can be utilized to export Indian textile, handicraft and agriculture products which will help the growth of Indian economy. It will also help improve the competitiveness of the Indian manufacturing due to competition between the nation to control the market share.

Overall the Look East Policy has given a new dimension to India s trade and Strategic relation which will increase the prosperity of the region and develop a sense of brotherhood between the nations.

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