Geography Answer Writing Practice - Week 1 - Question 2

90 Days Geography Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 04-Dec-2017

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04-Dec-2017 - Question 2

"Present day landforms bear more complexity than simplicity." Elucidate (2015)

Model Answer

The present-day landforms are the result of millions of years of geomorphological processes.

In these millions of years, the earth has been in continuous movement (as explained by plate tectonics) which gave rise to new geological structures, rejuvenation of old landforms and wiping out of existing landforms.

E.g. The convergence of Indian plate with the Asian plate lead to the development of the loftiest mountain system in the world. The glaciers piled up in these mountain systems has been the source of some of the largest river system in the world, which has shaped the landforms by various denudation and deposition processes. The rivers have created gorges, alluvial cones, and fans, Plains and deltas.

Secondly, the climate of the earth has undergone significant changes in the past which have also shaped the landforms of the present.

E.g. The Pleistocene ice age witnessed the advancement of huge glaciers to the North European countries such as Great Britain, Denmark and Parts of Germany and caused the erosion of land surfaces which has resulted in their present landforms.

This interplay of plate tectonics and climatic changes during the course of earth evolution gives complexity rather simplicity to the landform.

Note: The model Answer is for only your reference purpose and is not the ideal answer for the question.


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