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90 Days Geography Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 23-Nov-2018

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23-Nov-2018 - Question 1

"Keeping the recent developments in view, how can the energy crisis of India be circumvented by harnessing non-conventional energy resources? 150 words (2018)"
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Model Answer

India, and the world in general are looking at an imminent energy crisis as the use of conventional sources of energy cause serious environmental problems as well as economic and monetary burden on the people. To meet this threat India has been targeting the use of non-conventional energy sources (NCES):

Today, nearly 20% of the installed capacity in electricity generation is from NCES. Renewable energy sources have surpassed energy generation from large hydro.

National Solar Mission as well as India’s targets under the Paris Agreement to generate 40% of electricity from non-fossil fuel based sources as well as 175 GW from renewable sources is a major step in the area of energy generation. The National Solar Wind Hybrid policy and National Offshore Wind Policy are innovative means in this area.

In the field of mobility, FAME India (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) scheme and the introduction of M15, M100 (methanol blend) and biofuels are a step towards reducing the dependence on crude oil.

International cooperation in the form of International Solar Alliance to fund development of PV technology is essential to lower costs and increase production of PV panels.

Development of new implements to use at home for cooking such as biomass cookstoves. 

Research in the use of wave, tidal energy as well as ocean thermal energy conversion techniques.

The use of NCES will ensure:

Reduced emissions from power generating units, vehicular and industrial exhausts.

Lower current account deficits as India imports a majority of its energy needs.

Energy security as import dependence will reduce and India and move towards self-sustainability in energy generation.

Thus, use of NCES will ensure that India can avoid the energy crisis and sustain the path of economic growth that it has set while meeting its social and environmental goals.


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