Download GATE Question Papers, Answer Keys & Solution (Previous Years)

Previous Year Question Papers

Here is a list of links to some of the most recent previous year question papers:




The above links include PDFs for GATE 2017 question paper, GATE 2017 solution and GATE 2017 answer keys. Other material, such as the GATE 2016 question paper and the GATE 2016 answer key can be found easily at this link.

Benefits of Using Previous Year GATE Question Papers for Preparation

The practice of going through the past year question papers has been an age-old tactic and works well for most students. The reasons behind this are simple :

  • Familiarity: The availability of the previous year s questions makes GATE preparation easy for many students. With the help of the GATE previous year question papers with solutions, it becomes easy for students to understand the pattern of the paper. Furthermore, it will help the students to chalk out a plan for their examination, thereby saving time during the actual exam.

  • Practice: With the help of a previous year question paper, it will be easy for the students to understand the pattern of questions and prepare a strategy for the exam. This will allow them to get their speed of solving the question paper to the required level

  • Study Plan: Along with other benefits of making use of the older papers, the fact that previous papers have a proper set of questions helps the student to study the paper and chalk out a plan for their studies. This allows the student to focus on the parts the student is weak at and allows the student to understand the level of the exam.

  • Mental Preparation: This is possible due to two reasons, first familiarity and ease of practice. The student once understands, what kind of a paper or exam the student is facing is already mentally prepared to face the challenge. This will help the student to go in with a strong mind and will help in minimizing the agony of the unknown during the exam.

More about GATE Exam

GATE exams are held in the MCQ format, wherein the student has to select the correct option for the question form the options provided to the student. Here is what the GATE exam is all about:

  • Eligibility: A student or any person, who holds a degree of bachelor s in the engineering, technology, or a post-graduate diploma in the same, can apply for the exam. Other than this, those with master s degree in math, science, statistics or computer science can also do so.

  • Paper: Each paper of the exam is of 65 marks and is for three hours. These exams are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays in February, and the results are declared in late March.

  • Marking Scheme: The GATE exams incorporate negative marking. 2 marks are awarded for each correct answer, and 2/3 marks are deducted from the total for each wrong answer. Additionally, there is no negative marking for numerical type questions in the paper.

  • Level of the exam: GATE papers usually incorporate the subject matter from 30 different subjects, which in itself, is a hard task. The students are required to prepare for each aspect of the paper, which even includes aptitude and language skills. The incorporation of various things adds to the difficulty level of the question paper.

The qualification for the exam will depend on the aggregate scored by the student. The aggregate will vary for each exam and may differ from category to category.

Current Year s Question Paper & Answer Key

This year s GATE examination was an exhaustive one and you can access the question paper and answer key for various streams here.

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