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With so many opportunities and around 10 lakhs candidates appearing for the GATE examination in 2018, securing qualifying marks in not enough. And to aim for higher marks, the candidates should look for easy scoring opportunities. The general aptitude based questions are the easiest to answer in the whole paper. Candidates are provided with an overview of GATE aptitude questions, marks division, patterns and syllabus in the following sections.

GATE Aptitude Questions, Courses, and Mock Tests

General aptitude based questions evaluate your basic numerical abilities and command over the language that is needed in the courses you aspire to take admission in. A weightage of 15 marks is given on GATE aptitude questions. They are much easier to answer than the remaining 85 marks which are on the core subject. In a test where every right answer means going up for several ranks, these questions can be very vital for cracking the entrance.

General aptitude pattern

There are five 1 mark questions and five 2 marks questions in the general aptitude section.

The general aptitude section is divided into two parts verbal ability and numerical ability. While numerical ability questions are comparatively easier, they take longer to solve if the candidate does not have a grasp of the shortcut in computations. On the other hand, the verbal ability MCQ questions might be difficult to answer, but if a candidate knows the answers correctly, they are a quick task.

All in all, the entire section of GATE aptitude is ideal to score some quick and guaranteed marks.

Sections in general aptitude

Below is the table explaining the division within the general aptitude section, the number of questions in each section and the marks weightage for each question.

MarksType of questionsNumber of possible questions (weightage)
1 markVerbal ability3-4
Numerical ability1-2
2 marksVerbal ability2-3
Numerical ability2-3

Detailed syllabus for every section under general aptitude

GATE aptitude has two sections and each of them have subdivisions, each catering to a particular skillset - analytical or mathematical. Here the detailed syllabus of general aptitude is given for the candidates to go through.

  1. Verbal ability aptitude

  • English Grammar: The questions will ask the candidates to find the grammatically correct or incorrect sentences.
  • Sentence Completion: This is like fill in the blanks type questions where the candidates will be asked to choose the most appropriate word in their opinion to complete a sentence.
  • Verbal Analogies: The questions are based on the relationship between different English words in the given sentence.
  • Instructions: Here the candidates will be given a piece of information and the answers to the questions will be given in the passage. The candidates will have to find it by reading the information carefully.
  • Word groups: These questions revolve around related words like synonyms, antonyms and word pairs.
  • Critical reasoning and verbal deduction: This tests the candidate s abilities to understand, assess, manipulate and infer from a piece of information given in words and solve the asked question. The questions may be assumptive, conclusive or argumentative in nature.
  1. Numerical ability aptitude

  • Numerical computation: This tests the candidate s command on the very basic principles of arithmetic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Numerical estimation: The candidate s speed is checked in this type of questions and how fast they can answer simple and straightforward mathematical questions.
  • Numerical reasoning: The candidates will have to do reasoning on the given information, which will include practical figures like financial data, dates and times, statistical numbers etc.
  • Data interpretation: The examinee will have to extract the correct information from the given charts, tables and figures
  • Critical reasoning: This takes data interpretation a step further by asking the candidates to apply the appropriate logic on the extracted information and solve the problem.

List of important topics (section wise) to prepare for general aptitude

On the official website of GATE, the candidates can have a look at a sample question paper and get an idea of what type of GATE aptitude questions might appear in the examination and which are the important parts to cover.

Here also, they can get an overview of which are the more important topics that they should prepare for GATE aptitude test.

Verbal Ability

Important topics: Sentence completion, spelling, grammar, synonyms, antonyms, a pair of related words and language deduction.


Q.1. Sentence completion: Choose the appropriate answer to complete the following sentence:

To those of us who had always thought him timid, his --------- came as a surprise.

(A) Intrepidity (B) Inevitability (C) Inability (D) Inertness

Q.2. Grammar: Which of the following parts of the sentence is grammatically incorrect?

The shopkeeper (1) asked to (2) the customers to go (3) stand in a line.

Q.3. Word pair: Choose the appropriate answer to complete the following sentence:

Medicine is to illness as law is to _________

(A) Discipline (B) Anarchy (C) Treason (D) Etiquette

Numerical ability

Important topics: Number series, logical inference, data interpretation, time-speed-distance-velocity, percentage, probability, cost-profit analysis, days-workers-wages, triangle problems, tangent, base and/or radix numbers, summation etcetera.


In a survey, 3/16 of the people surveyed told that they preferred to use public transport while commuting daily to office. 5/8 of the people surveyed told that they preferred to use their own vehicles. The remaining 75 respondents said that they had no clear preference. How many people preferred to use public transport?

(A) 75 (B) 100 (C) 125 (D) 133

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