GATE 2019 Answer Key

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, or GATE, as it is more popularly known, is among the top five toughest examinations in India. The importance of the test reflects in the top-class institutes that are in charge of conducting it the Indian Institute of Science and seven IITs located at Kharagpur, Kanpur, Roorkee, Guwahati, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

One of these eight highly reputed institutes organizes the GATE examination every year on behalf of MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development) department of the Government of India. The GATE exam facilitates the sieving process which makes sure that only the most deserving candidates get admission in the top education institutes of India in the fields of applied science as well as four foreign universities.

Following universities accept GATE candidates with 90 or above percentile

  • The National University of Singapore
  • The Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
  • RWTH Achen University of Germany
  • The Technical University of Germany

Important Dates Related to the Release of GATE Answer Key

GATE 2019 Exam conducted February 2, 3, 09 and 10
Response sheets of the candidates released Second week of February
GATE Answer Key released Second week of February
Time to challenge any discrepancy Third week of February
GATE 2019 Results declared March 16

Download Question Paper and Answer Key

The official GATE answer keys for GATE 2019 will be released on the 2nd week of February. The appearing candidates can now simply download both the question papers and the answer keys to match with their own responses. This gives them an approximate idea of their probable GATE score.

The links to all the question papers and answer keys to all the subjects are given below in a tabular format.

Aerospace Engineering (AE) Question Paper Answer Key
Agricultural Engineering (AG) Question Paper Answer Key
Architecture and Planning (AR) Question Paper Answer Key
Biotechnology (BT) Question Paper Answer Key
Civil Engineering (CE) Question Paper (CE01)Question Paper (CE02) Answer Key (CE01)Answer Key (CE02)
Chemical Engineering (CH) Question Paper Answer Key
Computer Science and Information Technology (CS) Question Paper Answer Key
Chemistry (CY) Question Paper Answer Key
Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC) Question Paper Answer Key
Electrical Engineering (EE) Question Paper Answer Key
Ecology and Evolution (EY) Question Paper Answer Key
Geology and Geophysics (GG) Question Paper Answer Key
Instrumentation Engineering (IN) Question Paper Answer Key
Mathematics (MA) Question Paper Answer Key
Mechanical Engineering (ME) Question Paper (ME01)Question Paper (ME02) Answer Key (ME01)Answer Key (ME02)
Mining Engineering (MN) Question Paper Answer Key
Metallurgical Engineering (MT) Question Paper Answer Key
Petroleum Engineering (PE) Question Paper Answer Key
Physics (PH) Question Paper Answer Key
Production and Industrial Engineering (PI) Question Paper Answer Key
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF) Question Paper Answer Key

Engineering Sciences

Engineering Mathematics (XE-A) Question Paper (Includes GA) #rowspan#
Fluid Mechanics (XE-B) Question Paper Answer Key (All Sections)
Materials Science (XE-C) Question Paper
Solid Mechanics (XE-D) Question Paper
Thermodynamics (XE-E) Question Paper
Polymer Science and Engineering (XE-F) Question Paper
Food Technology (XE-G) Question Paper
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (XE-H) Question Paper

Life Sciences

Chemistry (XL-P) Question Paper (Includes GA) #rowspan#
Biochemistry (XL-Q) Question Paper Answer Key (All Sections)
Botany (XL-R) Question Paper
Microbiology (XL-S) Question Paper
Zoology (XL-T) Question Paper
Food Technology (XL-U) Question Paper

How to Download the PDF of Questions and Answer Keys

Candidates can download the answer keys following the below mentioned procedure:

  1. Find the subject or the subject code you have appeared for and click on the respective link as given beside it in the above table.
  2. The candidate will be redirected to the official PDF link uploaded on the GATE website.
  3. Click on the Download icon on the top right corner, represented by a downward arrow sign or you can also save it to your Google drive if you have one. The icon is right next to it.
  4. The question paper and the answer key will be downloaded in PDF format.
  5. Once you have the files downloaded, you will need PDF reader software to go through it.
  6. The section, right answer, and the allotted marks are all given in the chart.
  7. For Engineering Sciences (XE) and Life Sciences (XL) candidates, the answers to all the sub-departments are given in the same PDF sheet alphabetically.

How to Download the PDF of the Response Sheets

GATE answer key will be quite pointless if the candidates do not have their own response sheets to match it against. Here is the procedure to check the response sheet 2019.

  • To see one s answer sheet, the candidate has to access it via the GOAPS portal. This link redirects the candidate to the login page of the portal.
  • To view the answer sheet, candidates have to provide their enrolment ID or registered email ID and the GOAPS password.
  • The candidates must remember to solve and enter the right Captcha.
  • On clicking the submit and view response, the PDF of the response sheet of the candidate s 2019 GATE paper will appear in a separate window.
  • Once the discipline, code, and enrolment ID on the sheet are checked, it can be downloaded by clicking on the downward arrow icon in the top left corner.

How to Calculate GATE Score Using the Answer Key

GATE is conducted online, and MCQ and numerical are the only types of questions asked. To know the probable GATE score, the candidates first have to download both their answer sheets and the question papers along with the GATE 2019 answer keys.

Total MCQ Marks = 'n' x number of correct answers 'n'/3 x number of wrong answers ('n' = marks for that question i.e. 1 or 2)

Total Numerical Marks = 'm' x number of correct answers ('m' = marks for that question i.e. 1 or 2)

Total GATE score = Total MCQ Marks + Total Numerical Marks

Links to the Unofficial GATE 2019 Answer Keys

Before GATE released the official answer keys for 2019, a number of private institutions also released their own answer keys for some of the subjects, if not all. Given below are the links to the unofficial GATE 2019 answer keys.

Institution Morning Session Afternoon Session
GATE Forum ME | CS  
Engineers Academy ME | CS ME | EE |
GATE Academy ME | CS | CE | EC | ME | IN | CE | EE |

The candidates have to refer to the codes to see if their subject is there among the released answer keys and click on the code if it is to see the answer key as per their session.

How to Challenge the Provisional GATE 2019 Answer Key

The authorities have given the time frame of 2nd week of February to submit any challenge a candidate might have regarding the first draft of the GATE 2019 answer keys. To challenge the answer key, a candidate has to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Candidates have to log in to the GOAPS portal between the given date, using their enrolment ID and GOAPS password.
  • Candidates have to check on the agreement of the declaration that they clearly understand the rules and regulations for contesting the provisional GATE answer keys.
  • A payment of INR 500 has to be made for every question that the candidate wishes to challenge. For international candidates, the amount is USD 10.
  • To do that, the candidate has to click on the contest answer key button to make the online payment and mail the objection.
  • The correct paper code and question number along with section must be mentioned in the objection.
  • Justification of the contest must be given that is, the candidate must explain why the answer key is not acceptable to him or her and what should be the right solution.
  • The objected GATE answer key can be previewed by clicking on view submitted contest to see if there is any mistake.
  • The authorities will check every objection submitted before releasing the final answer key on March 16. If a particular contest is found to be true, then along with changing the answer key in the final draft, the submitted 500 rupees will also be refunded to the objecting candidate.

GATE 2019 Result

The home page of GATE s official website will display the link to the final answer keys once it is released on March 14. Upon announcement of result on March 16 and the release of printable scorecards on March 21, those will be available on the same GOAPS portal. Candidates have to log in using their enrolment ID and password to check their results and scorecards. The scorecards will be available until May 31.

GATE 2019 Cut-off

The GATE cut-off for 2019 will be declared once the results are out on March 16. It will be decided by a committee constituting IIT council members.

The decision regarding cut-off marks will depend on a number of interconnected factors like

  • the number of appeared candidates
  • the difficulty level of the papers
  • the number of available seats
  • the overall result of the year s examination

After the cut-off percentiles are declared, the first merit list to begin the counselling programme for the candidates will also be released. At the end of the whole procedure, the details of possible institutes where each candidate can take admission will also be conveyed to them.

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