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  • New Batch for Intensive News Analysis (Current Affairs) for Pre cum Mains by MK Yadav starting on 21st Oct.
    New Batch for Intensive News Analysis (Current Affairs) for Pre cum Mains by MK Yadav starting on 21st Oct.
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  • Free Demo Lecture of Pub Ad.

    Pavan Kumar (Pavan Kumar IAS Academy)

    PAVAN KUMAR’S IAS (earlier Academy of Public Administration) has a proud history of producing Top Rankers in the Civil Services Examination consistently in the recent past. Our institution specializes in personal attention to the students as we believe that personal attention is key to the success of students. We do not believe in ‘coaching’, we are firm believers in providing continuous guidance to our students till they reach the pinnacle of success. 

    Pavan Sir is known for his easy accessibility to the students and in provding constructive & thoughtful analysis about the strengths and weakness of the candidates. With the recent changes made by UPSC in the examination pattern, it has become extremely important for the candidates to develop holistic approach to their preparation.

    Free Demo Lecture of Philosophy

    Free Demo Lecture by Mitrapal

    Mitrapal (Mitra's IAS)

    Mr. Mitrapal is the founder of Mitra’s IAS institute, one of the most recognized and trusted IAS institute in Delhi NCR. He is a famous academician who loves to impart knowledge and inspire students to achieve their life and career objectives.

    He also excels at the art of establishing a harmonious relationship between the students and the teachers to produce desired results.

    Free Demo Lecture of ED Classes

    Free Demo Lecture by Mr. Salamuddin Ansari

    Salamuddin Ansari (Lukmaan IAS)

    Lukmaan IAS is a young and dynamic organization which has adapted itself to Emerging Testing Standards of the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Civil Services Examination (CSE).
    Our learning approach has changed to include view based preparation and it is reflected in our all programmes.

    This young organisation has been founded by the Director, Salamuddin Ansari, a Public Administration champion and is guiding the students since 2009.Under the dynamic leadership of Salamuddin Ansari Sir learns the art of writing the answers with the right blend of theories and facts.

    Free Demo Lecture of Geography

    Majid Husain (Pragati IAS)

    Majid Husain is an Indian Geographer and is popular for his contribution to Geography through various publications and research work. He is one of the senior most faculty of Geography in and is well respected for his invaluable research in the field of Geography.

    He has teaching experience of over 40 years and 43 years of experience in the research field. He was awarded by the Delhi Govt. for the best Geography teacher in 1997

    Additionally, he has written many useful books for UPSC preparation and other all India level competitive examinations. Besides that, his unique and simple teaching style is well appreciated amongst various student circles.

    Free Demo Lecture of Sociology

    Praveen Kishore (Nice IAS)

    Mr. Praveen Kishore is himself  a technocrat qualified from NIT Rourkela, 1991. Though he was selected for the post of the executive in L&T in campus interview, he declined the job to prepare for civil service.

    He took sociology as one of his options. In a very short period, he developed a great interest in this subject and started writing articles in national dailies. Most of his articles were related to “Caste, Reservation, and Market economy in India ”... within a year of studying sociology. In 1998 he took to teaching sociology and since then been devoted to guiding civil services aspirants.

    Till 2007, he had been teaching in various institutes, some of them of distinct repute. After having many selections to his credit, he himself planned to start an institute with the difference. Hence, the birth of NICE IAS.

    Free Demo Lecture of Geography

    Alok Ranjan (Alok Ranjan's IAS)

    This exceptional character of Mr. Alok Ranjan can be attributed to his strong educational background. He has done M.Sc. in Geography from Chennai University, MA in Sanskrit with specialization in Philosophy & Ethics and LLB from Delhi University, and also holds a diploma in human rights. With the completion of each discipline, Mr. Ranjan added a new dimension to his personality and further nurtured it through utmost dedication and hard work.

    Alok Ranjan’s hold on the subject of Geography is unmatched. His strategized study pattern for the classes at Digmani Educations has made Digmani one of the best choices for the people who opt for Geography in the examination. The center is counted amongst the best in India for training in Geography.

    Free Demo Lecture of History

    Rajnish Raj (Sihanta IAS)

    Rajnish Raj Sir is the soul behind the leading institute for History, Sihanta IAS.  He is a renowned faculty for History optional subjects and has helped many to achieve success in CSE. He is among the best faculties of History with his expert approach of the subjects and teaching style

    Free Demo Lecture of GS History

    Tarique Sir Demo

    Mohammad Tarique Khan

    Mohammad Tarique Khan has successfully coached hundreds of IAS aspirants in the last 22 years including many rankers from 1 to 20.

    Apart from teaching and guiding students of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Mohammad Tarique Khan is also helping , guiding and coaching IAS aspirants in Rajendra Nagar, Mukherji Nagar, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Banglore and many other cities. He is also the author of Modern Indian History and Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihaas (Tata McGraw-Hill) which has become very popular among the IAS aspirants.

    Mohammad Tarique Khan has a unique experience of both academic research-teaching and professional coaching which helps in understanding the nuances, variety and the depth of subject besides predicting the questions

    The most popular teacher of History among the IAS aspirants for his Unique style, thought-provoking and to the point lectures With history as his academic background, his class lectures and class notes helps students to appear in the Preliminary and Main examinations with great confidence. His ability to connect past with present not only helps a student to understand the contemporary issues confronting the nation but also makes the study of past both lively and interesting. With the variety and depth, students in his class attain maturity. His poetry recitation related to the concerned theme makes his lectures a sheer delight.

    Free Demo Lecture of Political Sci.

    Free Demo Lecture of Pol. Sc. by Kailash Sir

    Kailash Mishra (Destination IAS Academy)

    The institute established in 1999 since then the institute has constant records of maximum successful students of political science with highest marks in India. We provide updated study material in English as well as Hindi medium.

    Executive Director of Destination IAS Academy, Mr. Kailash Mishra is Editor-in-Chief of Trend Analysis. He faced the interview twice. He is the author of India’s Foreign Policy in Changing Scenario and Indian Economy.

    Free Demo Lecture of Pub Ad.

    Free Demo by Atul Lohiya

    Atul Lohiya (Prabha IAS)

    Prabha Institute of Civil Services was founded by Mr. Atul Lohiya. He is not only well versed with the subject but also have good experience in civil services exam. He has always been a source of inspiration for hundred of students enrolled at the institute. Apart from lectures & class notes a set of carefully prepared study material helps students to get into the core of their subject. Everything is taught from basics considering the fact that many students are new to the subject. Tests are conducted at regular interval both from prelims & mains point of view.

    Free Demo Lecture of Sociology

    Venkata Mohan (FEYNMAN IAS)

    Feynman IAS was founded by Director, Venkata Mohan. He has graduated B.Tech from IIT Madras. He is a renowned Sociology teacher and he is the author of Sociological Thought: In the Light of J. Krishnamurti’s philosophy, Ethical Thought- Buddha to Damasio and many other books.

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