How to Develop a Growth Mindset in UPSC Preparation?

If you want to progress in life, then you should have a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset.
In this article, we will share what a growth mindset and a fixed mindset is and how that will impact your IAS Preparation.

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

In this world, people have two types of mindsets
  1. Fixed Mindset
  2. Growth Mindset
Fixed Mindset people believe their qualities and abilities are fixed and therefore they cannot change. On the other hand, growth mindset people have a strong belief and faith that they can grow with their potential and experience.

According to the psychological expert, the Fixed mindset people assume that they are born with a fixed level of intelligence, on the contrary, growth mindset people believe that their capabilities can be improved by way of effort, learning and persistence.

For UPSC Preparation, you should have a growth mindset to crack the IAS Exam, this mindset will not only help in UPSC exam but also in your life.

If you feel that you are a fixed mindset person, then we are providing some essential tips to overcome your fixed mindset.

How to develop a growth mindset in UPSC Preparation?

1. Try to overcome your weakness

Instead of worrying about weakness try to work on it and overcome your weakness with the progressive mindset.
Remember by way of worrying you won't be able to grow, Be positive and committed to growing in your life.

2. Try to convert your challenges into opportunities

If you are facing some challenges in your UPSC Preparation such as access to coaching, money and materials, etc. Find a way to address your challenges. Where there is a will there is a way. 

3. Follow the right strategies

To crack IAS, you need to follow the right set of strategies. In the initial days, you will not know how to plan and execute. But as time progresses you will come to know what will be the right strategy for your preparation.

You can also follow the strategies of IAS Toppers and learn from their success stories. (Alert: It is not necessary to follow a topper's strategy, follow your strategy if you are not comfortable with other's strategy)

4. Follow simple techniques

Don't complicate your preparation. Try to follow simple techniques while reading.

Instead of reading monotonously, you can make your reading interesting by way making mind maps, flow charts and diagrams to improve your reading skills.

5. Focus on your exam preparation, not the result

Most of the aspirants worry about their result, whether I will be clearing this year or not.

There is a saying, do your best, leave the rest, try to give your 100%, you will definitely get rewarded for your hard work and effort.

6. Give importance to understand a topic then completing it fast

You should always give importance to understand a topic and not just to complete the topic. There is no use of reading without understanding the concepts.

Remember: UPSC gives more importance to your ability to understand and analyze a concept. So try to focus more on developing these capabilities than merely covering the topics.

7. Always search for improvement

Be it in UPSC Exam or life, always look for improvement.

Analyse yourself and find where you stand today concerning your past. If you are progressing, it is good, if not see where you are going wrong. (Alert: In life, never compare yourself with others.)

8. Learn from the mistakes

Every human being commits mistakes in life. What is important is what you have learned from your mistakes and the most important aspect is you shouldn't repeat that mistake in life.

9. Always keep your mind open for reasonable debate and constructive criticism

If you want to grow better in your life, always keep your mind open to criticism and feedback, try to approach them positively.

UPSC Preparation is a mind game, so always remain positive and develop a growth mindset.

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