Daily Current Affairs - 18-September-2019 (The Hindu, Indian Express Newspapers)

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Government to peg MGNREGA wages to inflation in bid to hike incomes

Staring at a slump in rural demand and a slowdown in the rural economy, the Centre plans to inject more money into the UPA’s flagship Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme by linking wages under the Act to an updated inflation index, which will be revised annually. It hopes this will increase wages, thus increasing purchasing power and reviving rural demand.

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U.S., India keen to wrap up trade deal

In the run-up to the meeting in Houston between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Donald Trump, it appears that both countries are frantically working on ways to resolve long-disputed trade issues, especially relating to medical devices, agriculture, and e-commerce.

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Despite hurdles, Vande Bharat Express to remain on track

Plans to add 40 such semi-high-speed trains by 2022 remain on track, says Railway Board Chairman V.K. Yadav. 

To bring some festive cheer for travellers, the Indian Railways plans to begin the second Vande Bharat Express on the Delhi-Katra route before Deepavali, Railway Board Chairman V.K. Yadav said.

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Deadly spread: On ‘vaccine hesitancy’ (Editorial)

Overcoming ‘vaccine hesitancy’ can reduce the global spread of measles infection

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NGOs substantially financed by govt come under RTI Act: Supreme Court

This would mean that these NGOs will have to maintain records as provided under the Act, and every citizen will have the right to get information from them.

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Explained: Uniform Civil code — the debate, the status

Recent observations by the Supreme Court have put the spotlight back on the debate over a Uniform Civil Code. What would such a Code seek to achieve, and what have been the arguments for and against it?

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Govt must not give in to temptation of a stimulus. It does not have the fiscal space (Editorial)

It’s completely irrational to not admit the true fiscal deficit. We are fooling no one, least of all potential investors who base their decisions on our macro sustainability.

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SC’s example of Goa as a state with a Uniform Civil Code is inconsistent with Article 44 (Editorial)

What is the sense in retaining an archaic law of foreign origin in certain national territories, 58 years after their assimilation into the nation?

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