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‘Uber for tractors’: Government to launch app to aid farmers

A laser-guided land leveller harnesses technology to accurately flatten a field in a fraction of the time used by a traditional oxen-powered scraper. 

The result? Farmers save precious groundwater and increase productivity by 10 to 15%. 

The hitch? Such hitech levellers cost at least ₹3 lakh, way beyond the reach of the average small farmer.

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Dealing with doping: On BCCI consent to come under WADA (Editorial)

Cricket bodies must keep the game free of performance enhancing drugs

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Hong Kong on the brink: On continuing protests (Editorial)

As protesters make new demands, the prospects of a quick settlement recede

Read the Hindu article here

The imprint of a state juggernaut (Editorial)

High productivity apart, this Budget session lacked sufficient deliberation, pointing to the crafting of a docile Parliament

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A point to ponder over in the POCSO Bill (Editorial)

More than an emphasis on the death sentence, there needs to be an overhaul of the criminal justice administration

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Pipe dreams for water transfer (Editorial)

Last month, the ‘Chennai water train’ made its poignant, slow arrival into the city, carrying 2.5 million litres of water for its parched residents. At the very same time, in another part of the country, unspeakable tragedy had unfolded, with Assam and Bihar getting ravaged by the monsoons. And just when it feels that the country has been through enough, rain batters Karnataka and Kerala, taking many lives and causing more misery.

Read the Hindu article here

North Korea says no talks with South due to drills, Kim oversaw test of 'new weapon' - KCNA

North Korea fired two short-range missiles on Saturday, its fifth within two weeks, in what South Korea called a show of force against joint new military drills with the United States.

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J&K and the world (Editorial)

India’s strategies for internal security, territorial defence and diplomacy will have to act in unison

India’s diplomatic response must be at multiple levels. One is the legal dimension. Realists might scoff at legal niceties. But legal arguments are important and Delhi must present a solid legal brief about its actions, since there is little international understanding of the complex historical evolution of Kashmir.

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Final clearance for India’s longest ropeway over sea project to be issued soon

Pitted as the country’s first and longest ropeway project over the sea, the initiative is to be executed by the Mumbai Port Trust, under the Ministry of Shipping.

Read Indian Express article here

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