Sociology Crash Course Cum Test Series For UPSC Mains 2019


Praveen Kishore

Course suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019

112 (Enrollments still on)

Tests: 10

120 days + 15 days for revision

About the course

Sociology Test Series includes 8 sectional tests and 2 full-length mock tests.

Praveen Kishore sir has an experience of over 2 decades, coaching students for Sociology optional for UPSC CSE exam
The test series includes evaluation and discussions on every test paper.
Sociology optional has significant overlap with GS paper 1, and it also helps in writing a good essay in UPSC Mains
Anu Kumari (AIR 2), Akshat Kaushal (AIR 55), Utkarsh Gupta (AIR 78), Anad Shankar (AIR 127), Sameer Saurabh (AIR 142), Lavanya Gupta (AIR 298)

Every Sat, 10.30 am to 01.30 pm
Every Sat, 10.30 am to 01.30 pm
Every Sat, 10.30 am to 01.30 pm
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Course Schedule

Sociology Test Series Schedule:

Sr No.

Test Code

Test Contents 

Test Date and time

Discussion hours


TSM-SOC-I-19/T -1 Paper I

1.     Sociology- The discipline

2.     Sociology as science

3.     Research methods and analysis


2 PM to 5 PM

12 hrs


TSM-SOC-I-19/T -2 Paper I


4.   Social Change in Modern Society

5.    Religion and Society

6.    Works and Economic life


2 PM to 5 PM

12 hrs


TSM-SOC-I-19/T -3 Paper

7.   Sociological Thinkers – K.Marx, E.Durkheim, M.Weber, T. Parsons, R.K.Merton, G.H.Mead


2 PM to 5 PM

18 hrs


TSM-SOC-I-19/T -4

Paper I


8.    Stratification and mobility

9.    Politics and Society

10. System of Kinship



2 PM to 5 PM

12 hrs


TSM-SOC-II-19/T -5

Paper II

11.  Perspectives on the study of Indian Society

12.  Caste System

13. Impact of Colonial Rule on Indian Society


2 PM to 5 PM

18 hrs


TSM-SOC-II-19/T -6

Paper II

14.  Rural and Agrarian Social Structure

15.  Social Classes in India

16.  Politics and Society

17.  Social movements in modern India


2 PM to 5 PM

12 hrs


TSM-SOC-II-19/T -7

Paper II

18.  System of Kinships in India

19.  Religion and Society

20.   Tribal Communities in India

21.  Population Dynamics


2 PM to 5 PM

Only conceptual portions will be discussed. For rest of the question material would be supplemented electronically


TSM-SOC-II-19/T -8

Paper II


22.  Social Changes in India

(a)   Visions of Social Changes in India

(b)   Rural and Agrarian Transformation in  India

(c)   Challenges of Social Transformation

23.  Industrialisation and Urbanisation in India


2 PM to 5 PM

Only conceptual portions will be discussed. For rest of the question material would be supplemented electronically


TSM-SOC-I-19/T -9

Comprehensive Paper I                     


10 AM to 1 PM

No discussion


TSM-SOC-II-19/T -10

Comprehensive Paper II


2 PM to 5 PM

No discussion

  Total = 84 hrs


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Akshat kaushal (AIR 55, 2017)
Akshat kaushal (AIR 55, 2017)

At the outset, I would like to thank Praveen Kishore Sir for his contribution to my success. I had joined Sir's institute in 2016 for test series and as I wrote tests and sat in classroom discussions. I began to feel that my knowledge has constantly improved. Even in my last attempt I had very good marks in Sociology because of the 1) Discussions, I heard in Sir's Classroom 2) because of innovative questions he used to set in the test series, and finally, 3) The rich material he has compiled in booklets. Once again thank you Praveen Kishore Sir.

Anu Kumari Kumari (AIR 02, 2017)
Anu Kumari Kumari (AIR 02, 2017)

I would like to thank Praveen Kishore Sir for his fabulous guidance as a part of Sociology test series that I had joined at NICE IAS coaching institute. Since I had prepared sociology on my own, there were many concepts which were not clear to me, however, Sir made sociology concepts lucid and so easy to understand that I began to love the subject even more. I saw marked improvement in the structuring of my answers. Sir pointed the flaws in my answers in test series – an important flaw that he highlighted was lack of flow and continuity. I wrote 5 tests and got Sir’s important feedback. Thanks a lot once again Sir. Your guidance has been extremely crucial in my success.


Being a working candidate I was dependent on taking the classes on weekends which was thereby hampering my schedule of regularly keeping up with the studies. However with the help of different courses offered on neostencil and the advantage of watching the lecture at my own convenience, I could manage my study routine and now I can plan my studies depending upon what I want to study when. Great work !


Praveen Sir' s sociology test series was a perfect combination of how and what to write while structuring a perfect answer. I am glad that I got a chance to get the feedbacks on my answers and improvise my writing skills under the guidance of Sir through NeoStencil. Thank you NeoStencil for taking the charge and helping the candidates all over the country.

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