Prelims Test Series For UPSC Exam 2019

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The test series covers prelims test series for UPSC CSE. It includes 17 tests, 15 sectional and 2 full-length tests

Suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019

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The test series includes evaluation and discussions on every test paper

Alok S. Jha sir and Amit Sinha sir have eight years of experience guiding students of UPSC. Together they expertise in Indian History, Art & Culture, Internal Security, Social Issues, Indian Economy, International Relations, and Current Affairs sections

Prashasti Pareek (AIR-21, 2013), Baseer-Ul-Haq (AIR-46, 2014), K. Diana Devi (AlR-24,2015)

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Every Fri, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Every Fri, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Test Series Schedule

TEST- 1BATCH : 18 FebruaryGeneral Studies (Traditional)(a) Modern India (1707-1857) (b) Indian Economy : Part-I
TEST- 2BATCH-: 25 FebruaryGeneral StudiesCurrent Affairs July, August 2017
TEST- 3BATCH-: 4 MarchGeneral Studies (Traditional)(a) Modern India (1857-1947) (b) Indian Polity : Part-I
TEST- 4BATCH-: 11 MarchGeneral StudiesCurrent Affairs September, October 2017
TEST- 5BATCH-: 18 MarchGeneral Studies (Traditional)(a) World Geography (b) Indian Polity: Part-II
TEST- 6BATCH-: 25 MarchGeneral StudiesCurrent Affairs November, Dec. 2017
TEST- 7BATCH-: 1 AprilGeneral Studies (Traditional)(a) Indian Geography (b) Biology
TEST- 8BATCH-: 8 AprilGeneral StudiesCurrent Affairs January, February 2018
TEST- 9BATCH-I : 15 AprilGeneral Studies (Traditional)(a) Environment & Ecology: Part-I (b) Science & Technology
TEST-10BATCH-: 22 AprilGeneral StudiesCurrent Affairs 
July, August, Sept., Oct. 2017
TEST-11BATCH-: 27 AprilGeneral Studies (Traditional)(a) Ancient & Medieval India 
(b) Environment & Ecology: Part-II
TEST-12BATCH-: 6 MayGeneral StudiesCurrent Affairs 
Nov., Dec. 2017, January, Feb. 2018
TEST-13BATCH-: 13 MayGeneral Studies (Traditional)(a) Indian Culture & Heritage (b) Geography
TEST-14BATCH-: 20 MayGeneral StudiesCurrent Affairs January to April 2018
TEST-15BATCH-: 20 MayGeneral Studies (Traditional)(a) Indian Economy : Part-II 
(b) Environment & Ecology: Part-III
TEST-16MODEL TEST : 27 MayFull GS Syllabus
TEST-17MODEL TEST : 27 MayFull CSAT Syllabus
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Abhilasha Abhinav (AIR-18, CSE-2017)
Abhilasha Abhinav (AIR-18, CSE-2017)

I had joined AAI for mains test series in UPSC 2017 and they had enriched my answer writing skills. Personal guidance by Alok Sir and Amit Sinha Sir boosted my confidence and enhanced my answer quality. Time Management and effective writing through regular test series helped me achieve the coveted result. I sincerely thank AAI and with them all the luck in future.

Anshu Kumar (AIR-163. CSE-2017)
Anshu Kumar (AIR-163. CSE-2017)

I did General Studies mains Test series from AAI in UPSC 2014 and 2016.Alok Sir and Amit Sir's guidance was very helpful in improving my answer writing skill and time management. I would like to thank AAI for their guidance and wish them best of luck.

Abhilash Mishra (AIR-5, CSE-2016)
Abhilash Mishra (AIR-5, CSE-2016)

I would like to thank AAI in general and Alok Jha Sir and Amit Sinha Sir in particular for their invaluable guidance and personal support throughout my UPSC journey. I owe my success to AAI and wish the team so that it produces better results in years to come.

Bipasha Kalita (AIR-41, CSE-2017)
Bipasha Kalita (AIR-41, CSE-2017)

I joined AAI for the mains Test Series for CSE-2017. I benefitted immensely from Alok Sir and Amit Sir's guidance. They helped me improve my answer writing skills, and write the answers as per the demand of the question. I would like to thank AAI for helping me achieve this feat.

Akriti Sagar (AIR-239, CSE-2015)
Akriti Sagar (AIR-239, CSE-2015)

I am really grateful to Amit Sir and Alok Sir for there guidance in GS. Alok Sir history lessons and Amit Sir 's economics and international relations classes provided ample clarity and depth in the subjects .AAI teachers are approachable and provide personal attention and guidance at all civil service exam. Thank you

Divyanshu Patel (AIR- 204, CSE-2016)
Divyanshu Patel (AIR- 204, CSE-2016)

It was a tough journey but became a successful one just because of Amit Sir and Alok Sir. I was a confused soul but Amit Sir and Alok Sir guided me to frame my answers so well that I did not feel any pressure during mains.I would like to express my sincere thanks to sir and very supportive staff without which I would not have achieved this success.

Manish Ranjan (AIR-287. CSE-2017)
Manish Ranjan (AIR-287. CSE-2017)

The guidance provided by Alok Sir and Amit Sinha Sir immensely helped in my GS papers.I attended world history module of ALok S Jha.The clarity of concepts is excellent. Special thanks to these two special teachers.

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