Praveen Kishore's Sociology Live Projector Classes from Hyderabad Learning Center for UPSC Mains

  • Praveen Kishore
  • Praveen Kishore Nice IAS
  • Lectures: 75+
  • 120 Days + 15 Days for Revision.
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About this course

The course covers the complete syllabus of Sociology Optional for civil services exam. The course also includes test series for a comprehensive preparation

Suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019

Course highlights

Praveen Kishore sir has an experience of over 2 decades in guiding students for Sociology optional for UPSC CSE exam

Anu Kumari (AIR 2), Akshat Kaushal (AIR 55), Utkarsh Gupta (AIR 78), Anad Shankar (AIR 127), Sameer Saurabh (AIR 142), Lavanya Gupta (AIR 298)

Sociology optional has a significant overlap with GS paper 1, and it also helps in writing a good essay in UPSC Mains

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Tues to Sat, 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm
Tues to Sat, 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm
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Having financial limitations and other responsibilities I was always hesitant of travelling to Delhi for good 5-6 months and give my time for IAS preparations but this concept of neostencil’s live online classes came to a rescue for me. Sitting in Gujarat, taking care of my family and still preparing for IAS exam from such top institute like NICE IAS. Thank you Praveen Sir for providing your guidance and conceptual clarity to understand Sociology.


Being thorough with Paper 1, I needed an extra effort to understand Paper 2 Indian Society :Structure and change. The online classes by Praveen Kishore Sir at neostencil gave me the flexibility to concentrate more on my weak points where I had the convenience of escaping the topics and lectures which I was confident about.

Amit Arora (AIR 32, 2011)
Amit Arora (AIR 32, 2011)

With gods grace I have secured AIR 32 in CSE 2011. I am thankfull to you for your guidance beacause of which my writing skills improved trmendously. Once again thanks a lot for your guidance.

Isha Khosla (AIR 43, 2010)
Isha Khosla (AIR 43, 2010)

I really want to thank u for helping me to crack the exam. In the changing scenario of UPSC exams students are generally confused about which institution to trust. I joined your regular classes which helped me to understand the concepts. Just attentive listening in your class helped me to grasp sociology easily. Your notes helped me to score 344 marks in very first attempt.

Bagadi Gautam (AIR 23, 2008)
Bagadi Gautam (AIR 23, 2008)

I enrolled for answer writing session for mains by Praveen kishore Sir in 2008. Sociology is an optional subject that required an intensive answer writing practice and I am happy to acknowledge that my sessions with Praveen Kishore Sir has served to enhance my Sociology score in Mains.

Smarak Swain (AIR 309, 2008)
Smarak Swain (AIR 309, 2008)

A major reason why my sociology marks jumped from 292 to 356 is because of paper 2. That too after a change in pattern of paper 2. I could score 190… a major contribution in this was the guidance you gave me in this matter. The rich source material you put at my disposal and the interesting questions you asked in the test papers prepared me for final exams. This year, the pattern in paper 2 was markedly different, the questions being very specific and the demand from students being to write to-the-point answers. Your mock questions had all the ingredients for same, and answer writing practice under your supervision helped me immensely.

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