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Philosophy Optional & Test Series For UPSC Mains 2019

  • Mitrapal
  • Mitrapal MITRA’S IAS
  • Lectures: 65+
    Tests: 10
  • 90 days + 15 days for revision
  • 450
About this course

The course provides comprehensive coverage of Philosophy Syllabus and also includes test series for holistic preparation.

Suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019

Course highlights

includes Athar Aamir (AIR 2), Jatin Lal (AIR 42) and Kumar Harsh (AIR 43), Shudanshu Dhama (AIR 115), Ambrish V L Vemuri (AIR 150) Shilpi Mittal (AIR 198)

The test series includes evaluation of the test papers.

Philosophy has been one of the most rewarding optional in UPSC Mains exam. It has significant overlap with GS paper IV and also helps in Essay writing

Mitra sir has 10 plus years of teaching experience in Philosophy optional. He is the founder of Mitra’s IAS Institute. He has consistently produced toppers in philosophy year after year

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Study material will be dispatched after 3 days and you will receive it in 7 to 10 working days on your registered address.

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Saurabh Gupta (AIR 219, 2014)
Saurabh Gupta (AIR 219, 2014)

I was indeed lucky to have Mitra Sir's guidance. Mitra Sir helped me a lot in answer writing and gave a lot of personal attention. His conceptual clarity and easy accessibility increased my confidence in Philosophy.

Sudhanshu Dhama (AIR 115, 2015)
Sudhanshu Dhama (AIR 115, 2015)

Mitra Sir I came to you in the "trough" phase of my preparation and your guidance have helped me to reach its "crest" phase. Thank you Mitrapal Sir for being there as a friend, guide and philosopher. I would also like to thank Sanskriti Jain who suggested me to come to Mitra's IAS. Thank you Mitra Sir once again.

Kumar Harsh (AIR 43, 2015)
Kumar Harsh (AIR 43, 2015)

Mitra Sir has a very holistic and exam oriented approach toward teaching the subject. In addition to this the guidance he provided to me for the interview was of great help. I feel immensely grateful towards the institute. Since it was my first attempt, Mitrapal Sir always encouraged me that the exam can be cracked in the first attempt contrary to the popular myth that it can not be.

Jatin Lal (AIR 42, 2015)
Jatin Lal (AIR 42, 2015)

I would like to sincerely thank Mitrapal Sir for his immense role in my success. Mitra Sir's method of teaching and his support played a key role in my achievement. Mitra Sir is not only a teacher but a mentor for me. Thank you Sir!

Sanskriti Jain (AIR 11, 2014)
Sanskriti Jain (AIR 11, 2014)

I strongly believe that Mitrapal Sir's methodology of teaching which emphasizes on building a strong conceptual foundation of Philosophy is best suited to the current pattern of analytical question. It is my great privilege to recommend Mitra's IAS classes to all aspirants. I strongly believe that you provide the best guidance for Philosophy in the english medium.

Satyam Mohan (AIR 681, 2014)
Satyam Mohan (AIR 681, 2014)

Mitra Sir's help and guidance has played an important role in securing a rank in my 1st attempt. Mitra Sir's in depth understanding of the subject and lucid way of explaining gave me the confidence I needed.


The conceptual clarity that was offered in Mitra Sir's classes, and the stress he lays on answer writing has truly helped me in my quest to understand philosophy.

Athar Aamir (AIR 2, 2015)
Athar Aamir (AIR 2, 2015)

The conceptual clarity, approach to teaching and intensive feedback truly makes studying at Mitra's IAS a great bet. I thank Mitra Sir for the right guidance, personal attention and the amazing and inspiring way of teaching.

Shivani Jhirwal (AIR - 616, CSE-2017)
Shivani Jhirwal (AIR - 616, CSE-2017)

Through Neostencil, I enrolled in the online batch for Philosophy by Mitra Pal Sir. The course and Sir's guidance was instrumental in success in UPSC 2017. And Neostencil was an important medium in this journey. It is revolutionary in providing remote access to the classes through good quality videos, correspondence between the students and teachers, and a good customer support system with quick response to queries and doubts. The Neostencil team is doing an excellent job. Thank you

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