Law Optional & Test Series for UPSC Mains 2020/21


Aditya Tiwari

Course suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020/21

130 (Enrollments still on)

Lectures: 90+
Tests: 10

Till Mains 2020

About the course

The course comprehensively covers the syllabus of Law Optional for Civil Service exam; in addition to this, the course also includes test series for a holistic preparation.

The test series includes evaluation, discussions and model answer on every test paper
The whole syllabus is divided into 70 Blocks (Law optional syllabus Topic) and a detail notes along with Previous year and prospective question in cash block.
Each week there is a 5-6 question given to ponder over the weekend from blocks that that have been covered in that week. Whole focus is on Answer writing.
Overlapping part of Law optional syllabus with Mains GS paper are dealt enabling student to write answer with difference and less legal oriented answer in GS paper - 2.

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Mon to Thurs, 05:00 pm to 07:30 pm
Mon to Thurs, 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm
Mon to Thurs, 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm
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Rohit Kumar (CLC Pursuing)

Since Law is not a very popular optional subject for UPSC, thus there is a dearth of good guidance, which eventually puts the candidates with Law Optional in a disadvantageous position vis-à-vis other popular subjects. Law Optional by Aditya Tiwari sir fills this gap by providing a comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and discussing the nuances of the subject in great detail. The Test Series in particular helps the candidates to check their progress as the questions are very similar to what UPSC asks, with an added flexibility of attempting it online or offline.

Ankit Singh (CLC, Law faculty, University of Delhi)

"Give me Six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours ,sharpening my axe. #importanceofnotes. Want to thanks Aditya Sir, for making me understand application of this quote. In pite of being a law graduate, I had uncertainity about the law optional paper because of intimidating discussion we had heard about the paper ,which was cleared in the very first lecture of sir regarding syllabus. The particularity of sir’s class is the division of entire syllabus into blocks which makes it easier to understand and greater attention is given to each topic. It is imperative to note that teaching methodology followed by Sir is different from other institution as they don’t make distinction btw law optional and judiciary paper which is fallacious. The discussion of nuances of cases and sir’s discussion on how to attempt philosophical part of the questions in class and notes so provided for the same ,helps a lot while writing answer which is further improved by attempting and discussing with the sir and class , of the question provided by the sir after completion of every topic. The best part about sir, is the diligent nature toward the subject and is continuously working hard to help the students and make the topic more understandable. I am obliged for the extra effort made by Aditya Sir to make us understand how to prepare for the exam while preparing us for the same which is crucial for this exam. "

Nitin B Gaware (Pune University )

Easy to understand the basics and advance and daily answer of question is good to keep up of practice

Anviti Mishra (NUSRL Ranchi )

The online answer writing programme for law optional is a unique and welcome initiative of defacto law under Aditya Tiwari sir. The questions asked are in line with trend of UPSC questions and give an insight as to how to approach the syllabus. The constructive feedback from sir helps to prepare model answers for several tricky questions.

Himanshu Shekhar Mishra (Dayanand College of Law)

It's a great initiative by Aditya Tiwari Sir. It's very helpful for the students preparing for UPSC exam other state exams. The content of Law optional and Political Science has been addressed properly. Overall experience is really great.

Aman Pratap (NLU RANCHI)

To the point classes, no unnecessary fancy legal manoeuvre. The notes however could be better drafted using flow charts and diagrams for better rote learning as that suits the UPSC preparation.

Vikram (RGNUL, Patiala)

Aditya Sir's teaching methodology is a combination of legal concepts and relatable examples based on past years questions, which enhances the understanding of pattern of Law optional paper in CSE. His constant push for writing practice and his feedbacks gives student ample opportunity to hone writing skills for this paper. His classroom strength and his personal attention were deal breaker for me since continuous dialogues in classroom keeps spirits high.

Somya jain (BALLB from DHSGU sagar)

"he is one of the best faculty available for law optional. One on one guidance provided by aditya sir has help alot in improving understanding of concept and answer writing skills. Between lecture he give us a brief about type of question which are already asked in papers, this had made our preparation more effective and exam centric."

Nipasha (NUJS Kolkata)

Study of law optional requires a bird's view understanding of concepts with an essay type approach while study of law in law school is heavily clinical. Substitution of one for the other is a recipe for disaster. That is where Aditya Sir's mentorship comes in picture. His crystal clear understanding of the law optional syllabus helps students understand concepts in a non-intimidating manner. It also arms students with the required CSE oriented skills like developing a knack for answer writing, refurbishing less material to produce newer formats, developing linkages with other GS subjects and so on. He literally hand-holds students to address their weaknesses. He provides online access to recorded classes which helps off station students. The only suggestion is that they could launch a module of live streaming of online classes which would give real time connection for socially distanced students.

Anurag Tiwari (Banaras Hindu University)

He is a through dedicated person who thinks and works alot for his disciples. His multidimensional approach and forward and backward linkages regarding law phenomena in Answer writing puts him in to a complete different field altogether.He concentrates more on conceptual understanding rather than Just completion of course . His notes , in practical aspect is appropriate for UPSC.and sums up his classes with real life examples.


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