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    For students who are preparing for Mains 2017, we are providing study material in advance for Geomorphology module because Geomorphology classes will be taking place during mains exam.

    This exceptional character of Mr. Alok Ranjan can be attributed to his strong educational background. He has done M.Sc. in Geography from Chennai University, MA in Sanskrit with specialization in Philosophy & Ethics and LLB from Delhi University, and also holds a diploma in human rights. With the completion of each discipline, Mr. Ranjan added a new dimension to his personality and further nurtured it through utmost dedication and hard work.

    Alok Ranjan’s hold on the subject of Geography is unmatched. His strategized study pattern for the classes at Digmani Educations has made Digmani one of the best choices for the people who opt for Geography in the examination. The center is counted amongst the best in India for training in Geography.

    Start Date: 1st August 2017

    Class Timing: Monday to Saturday, 11:45 am to 02:50 pm

    Number Of Sessions: 70+

    Course Validity: 100 Days + 15 days for Revision

    Study Material: Included in the course. Please send us an email at to request shipping of study material.

    Q & A: Students can ask questions at the end of each unit through discussions and forums. To ask questions from teachers, use message/mail option present on the left side of the course page.

    Requirements: Internet connection (256 kbps or higher) and any computing device that connects to the internet.

    Includes: Unlimited access during the validity of the course. Access to private forums & groups. 3-day money back guarantees!

    Additional Info: Extra classes on other days may also be conducted as necessary. Student’s will be notified in advance through their NeoStencil account.

    DateDayUnitsTopics and Sub Topics
    1 AugTueFundamentals of Climatology -1
    (Answer Writing Skill Development
    Origin of Atmosphere, Composition of the Atmosphere
    2 AugWedClimatology – 2Temp. belts, insolation & heat Budget, Physics & mechanism
    3 AugThuClimatology – 3Atmospheric pressure, Pressure belts, Planetary & Local winds, Atmospheric circulation
    4 AugFriClimatology – 4Tricellular Meridional circulation, Jet Stream
    5 AugSatClimatology – 5Cloud, Humidity, Precipitation: Types & Distribution, Theories
    6 AugSunRaksha Bandhan
    7 AugMonRaksha Bandhan
    8 AugTueClimatology – 6Atmospheric stability & instability, Weather & climate
    9 AugWedClimatology – 7Airmass: Classification, Origin, Character, related weather., Fronts & related Weather
    10 AugThuClimatology – 8Cyclones: Temperate Origin, Charact, Movement & related weather
    11 AugFriClimatology – 9Cyclones: Tropical, Origin, Charact, Movement & related weather
    12 AugSatClimatology – 10Climatic classification: Genetic vs Empirical vs Mathematical. Koppen’s Classification:
    Critical appraisal
    13 AugSunClimatology – 11Thornthwaite Classification
    14 AugMonClimatology - 12Trewartha classification, critical appraisal, Comparison: Koppen & Trewartha, Urban Climate
    15 AugTueIndependence day
    16 AugWedHoliday
    17 AugThuClimatology - 13Global Climatic Change, Global Warming; its impact, Role of man in climate change Applied
    18 AugFriBio-Geography – 1(Answer Writing
    Skill Development Session)
    Soil: Def, Charact, Soil Profile
    19 AugSatBio-Geography – 2Soil genesis, Soil Distribution, Soil Erosion, Degradation and Conservation
    20 AugSunBio-Geography - 3Factor controlling the distribution of plants and animals, Problems of deforestation and
    conservation measures
    21 AugMonBio-Geography – 4Social forestry, group forestry, wild life, major gene pool centres
    22 AugTueEnv. Geog. + Contemporary Issues – 1Principle ecology; Human ecological adaptations, Influence of man on ecology and
    23 AugWed
    24 AugThuEnv. Geog. + Contemporary Issues – 2Global and regional ecological changes and imbalances, Ecosystem their management and
    25 AugFrii Env. Geog. + Contemporary Issues – 3 Environmental degradation, management and conservation
    26 AugSatEnv. Geog. + Contemporary Issues – 4Biodiversity and sustainable development, Environmental policy, Environment hazards
    and remedial measures; Environmental education and legislation.
    27 AugSunContemporary Issues-P-IIFlood, Drought
    28 AugMonContemporary Issues-P-IIEarthquake, Landslide, Avalanche
    29 AugTueIndia (Physical) – 1 + MappingGeological History, Str vs. Relief. Triple tectonic. Div.
    30 AugWedIndia (Physical) – 2+ MappingStr. And Relief of Himalayas and Indo-Gang. Plains.
    31 AugThuIndia (Physical) – 3+ MappingPhysiogeograpic region of Extra- Peninsular India.
    1 SeptFriIndia (Physical) – 4+ MappingStr. And Relief of Peninsular India, Denudational Chronology of Peninsular, India, Island Region
    2 SeptSatIndia (Physical) - 5Monsoon as a World Phenomenon, sub continental Phenomenon
    3 SeptSunTest
    4 SeptMonIndia (Physical) - 6Elnino, Lanino, Enso, S-0 and walker cell, relation with Indian monsoon
    5 SeptTueIndia (Physical) - 7 R-F distribution, Tropical cyclone disturbance & westerlies, Climatic Region of India
    6 SeptWedIndia (Physical) - 8 Drainage pattern
    7 SeptThuIndia (Physical) - 9 Soil of India, Regional distribution, Char. And linkage with climate and vegetation
    8 SeptFriIndia (Physical) - 10Vegetation and Forest resources of India
    9 SeptSatReserve Day
    10 SeptSunRDP + (Model and Theory)
    (Day Long Class)
    At Karol Bagh
    Concept of Region and type, quantification and quantitative method of Regionalization,
    Rostove Model. Growth Centre and growth pole: Perroux and Boudville (Model and theory)
    Regional imbalances, Strategies for regional development, Planning for sustainable
    development. Experiences of planning and 5 yrs. Plan. Panchayati Raj. Decentralized planning,
    Multilevel planning. IRDP, Planning for backward Region: Desert. Hill. Tribal. CAD vs.
    11 SeptMonAgri. Geog. (Paper-II) - 1 (Answer
    Writing Skill Development Session)
    Cropping pattern of India, Crop combination.
    12 SeptTueAgri. Geog. (Paper-II) – 2Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency, Crop Intensity
    13 SeptWedAgri. Geog. (Paper-II) – 3Dry land farming, Aqua culture and Blue revolution.
    14 SeptThuu Agri. Geog. (Paper-II) – 4Agro-Ecological Regions, Seri culture, Irrigation
    15 SeptFriAgri. Geog. (Paper-I) – 5 (Model and Theory)Von Thunen’s model of agricultural location
    16 SeptSatReserve Day
    17 SeptSunPopulation Geog.+(Model and Theory)
    (Day Long Class)
    At Karol Bagh
    Population theories, Economic vs Biological Malthus, Marx, Spencer, Saddler etc,
    Demographic transition theory. Comparison Marx vs Malthus, Growth and Distribution of pop.
    World and India, Migration: causes, consequences, theories current trends: int. and national.
    Pop. Explosion and policies, Race, language, ethnicity, Tribes, Religion and Secularization.
    Concept of over, under and optimum pop. Demographic Attributes: Sex Ratio, Literacy rate,
    age str…. Etc.
    18 SeptMonAgri. Geog. (Paper-II) – 6 Land Capability, Role of institutional factor in agriculture
    19 SeptTueSettlement (I + II) – 1 Meaning of Rural Vs Urban Settlement Types and Pattern of Rural Settlement. Env. Issue in
    rural Settlement
    20 SeptWedSettlement (I + II) – 2Functional Classification of Towns: India and World, Meaning of Urban Hierarchy
    21 SeptThuSettlement (I + II) – 3Concept of Primate City. Rank size rule , (compare and contrast)
    22 SeptFriSettlement (I + II) – 4 Sphere of urban influence, Satellite town.
    23 Sept SatReserve Day
    24 SeptSunPolitical Geog. + (Model & Theory)
    (Day Long Class)
    At Karol Bagh
    Heart Land & Rim Land Theory, Laws of Boundary & Frontiers, Geographical basis of Indian
    federalism; State reorganization, Emergence of new states; Regional consciousness and
    interstate issues. India’s role in world affairs; Geopolitics of South Asia and Indian Ocean
    25 SeptMonSettlement (I + II) – 5Town planning, Slum and associated problems, problems of urbanization and sustainable growth of
    26 SeptTueSettlement (I + II) – 6 Urban sprawl, Rural urban fringe, Urban eorganiza, Conurbation & Metropolitan
    27 SeptWedSettlement (I + II) – 7 + Models in
    Central Place Theory: Losch model
    28 SeptThuEconomic Geog. – 1 (Answer Writing
    Skill Development Session)
    World economic development; measurement and problems, the limits to growth.
    29 SeptFriDussehra
    30 SeptSatDussehra
    1 OctSunPerspective in Human Geog.
    (Day Long Class)
    At Karol Bagh
    Areal differentiation; regional synthesis; dichotomy and dualism; Environmentalism;
    Quantitative revolution and locational analysis, radical, bevavioural, human and welfare
    approaches, System Analysis.
    2 OctMonGandhi Jayanti
    3 OctTuee Economic Geog. (Resource) (World) - 2World resources and their distribution
    4 OctWed Economic Geog. (Resource) (World)-3 Energy crisis, World agriculture: agricultural problems
    5 OctThuEconomic Geog. (Resource) (India)-1 Land, surface and ground water, energy, minerals, biotic and marine resources.
    6 OctFriEconomic Geog. (Resource) (India)-2Forest and wild life resource and their conservation: Energy crisis.
    7 OctSatEconomic Geog. (Industry) - 1World industries: locational pattern and problems; patterns of world trade.
    8 OctSunTest
    9 OctMonEconomic Geog. (Industry) (Model &
    Theory) - 2
    Weber industrial location theory.
    10 OctTueEconomic Geog. Industry (India)-3New Industrial policies, Multinationals and liberalization, Special Economic Zones, Tourism
    including eco-tourism.8
    11 OctWedEconomic Geog. (Industry)-5Evolution of industries, Locational factors of cotton, jute, textile, iron, and steel, aluminum,
    fertilizer, paper, chemical and pharmaceutical, automobile.
    12 OctThuEconomic Geog. (Industry India)-6
    10 Years Questions Discussion
    Cottage and agro-based industries, Industrial houses and complexes including public sector
    undertaking, Industrial regionalization
    13 OctFriFundamentals of Oceanography
    (Answer Writing Skill Development
    Ocean dynamics, Ocean zoning
    14 OctSatOceanography – 1Bottom Topography of the Atlantic, Indian and pacific Oceans.
    15 OctSunHoliday
    16 OctMonOceanography – 2 Temperature and salinity of the Oceans
    17 OctTueOceanography – 3 Heat and Salt Budgets, Ocean Currents of Atlantic Ocean
    18 OctWedHappy Diwali
    19 OctThuHappy Diwali
    20 OctFriHappy Diwali
    21 OctSatOceanography – 4 Ocean Currents of Indian & Pacific Ocean
    22 OctSun Oceanography – 5 Oceanic Waves and Tides
    23 OctMonOceanography – 6 Coral Reefs and coral Bleaching
    24 OctTueOceanography – 7 Ocean Deposits, Sea level change.
    25 OctWedOceanography – 8 10 Years Questions
    Marine Resources; Biotic, Mineral and Energy Resources, marine pollution.
    26 OctThuGeomorphology -1 (Answer Writing
    Skill Development Session)
    Origins and Evolution of the earth’s crust. Physical conditions of the Earth’s interior
    27 OctFriGeomorphology -2 Earth’s Magnetism Seismic waves and Earth’s Interior
    28 OctSatTest
    29 OctSunGeomorphology -3 Factors controlling land for development. Endogenetic and exogenetic Forces
    30 OctMonGeomorphology -4Continental Drift Theory
    31 OctTueGeomorphology -5Polar Wandering, Geomagnetism, Paleo magnetism
    1 NovWedGeomorphology -6 Geo-magnetic Reversal, Sea floor spreading
    2 NovThuGeomorphology -7 Plate Tectonic & Mountain Building, ISO-Seismic studies
    3 NovFriGeomorphology -8Plate Tectonics & Earthquake, Plate Tectonics & volcanism
    4 NovSatGeomorphology -9Isostacy: Def, Theories, Modern views, PT & isostacy
    5 NovSunTest
    6 NovMonGeomorphology -10Geosynclines : Concept, Classification, Theories, PT & Geosynclines
    7 NovTueGeomorphology -11Landscape development: Cyclic & Cyclics views. Geomorphic cycle: Davis & Penck
    8 NovWedd Geomorphology -12 10 Years Questions
    Slope development (L.C. King, Strahler & J.T. Hack.)
    9 NovThuGeomorphology -13Denudational Chronology: (Hutton, lyoll, J. T. Hack, Strahler), Erosional Surface
    10 NovFriGeomorphology -14Channel Morphology. Applied geomorphology & Environment
    11 NovSatComprehensive TestPaper-I + Paper-II

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    Lecture – 10: August 12, 2017 Details 00:00:00
    Lecture – 11: August 13, 2017 Details 00:00:00
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    Class Test 1 Details 00:00:00
    Lecture – 13: August 18, 2017 Details 00:00:00
    Lecture – 14: August 19, 2017 Details 00:00:00
    Lecture – 15: August 21, 2017 Details 00:00:00
    Lecture – 16: August 22, 2017 Details 00:00:00
    Lecture – 17: August 23, 2017 Details 00:00:00

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