General Studies Foundation Course + Test Series for UPSC Pre Cum Mains 2020

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The course comprehensively covers all the GS topics in an integrated manner which will be helpful for Prelims as well as Mains. The course includes CSAT courses and Prelims Test series

Suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020

Course highlights

The course lays a strong foundation for the UPSC IAS Preparation and provides good conceptual clarity on various topics mentioned in GS Syllabus

Lukmaan IAS has expert teachers having multiple years of experience in guiding UPSC students to prepare for the Civil Service exam.

includes Abhilash Mishra (AIR 5, 2017), Karnati Varunreddy (AIR 7, 2018), Anand Vardhan (AIR 7, 2017), Saumya Sharma (AIR 9, 2017), Varnit Negi (AIR 13, 2018), Utsav Kaushal (AIR 14, 2017)

The test series includes evaluation and discussions on every test paper.

Want to study like AIR 1? Look no further.

Get LIVE & Recorded Classes. Study at flexible schedule. 24x7 Access with unlimited revision. 

It's your turn to be the next topper!

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Mon to Fri, 11:00 am to 01:30 pm
Mon to Fri, 11:00 am to 01:30 pm

Mon to Fri, 11:00 am to 01:30 pm
Mon to Fri, 11:00 am to 01:30 pm

Mon to Fri, 11:00 am to 01:30 pm
Mon to Fri, 11:00 am to 01:30 pm
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Study material will be dispatched after 3 days and you will receive it in 7 to 10 working days on your registered address.

If you encounter any issue, you may avail a refund within 72 hours of your course starting.

Get unlimited access during the validity of the course. You can access the course 24/7 as per your convenience.

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Suraj kumar rai (AIR 117, CSE-2017)
Suraj kumar rai (AIR 117, CSE-2017)

Under the individualised guidance of ansari sir, I have been able to improve my conceptual understanding. Content, presentation and structuring of answers in public administration, GS and essay , which was instrumental in my selection. Sir's support and constant motivation during my preparation further provided me strength. Lukmaan IAS has contributed significantly in my success.

Saumya Sharma (AIR 9, CSE-2017)
Saumya Sharma (AIR 9, CSE-2017)

I joined Lukmaan's test series for my CSE main preparation. The Ethics Test Series proved to be extremely useful. It is very expansive in its scope, and it is also checked very properly. I had also joined All India Mains Test Series to know where I stand in my preparation. I would definitely recommended Lukmaan's test series to all future aspirants! wishing you all good luck!

Abhilash Mishra (AIR 05, 2016)
Abhilash Mishra (AIR 05, 2016)

The real credit of my success goes to LUKMAAN IAS.The institute not only provided academic guidance but also motivational support during my UPSC journey. I owe my conceptual clarity, presentation and writing skills I GS Papers, essays, ethics case studies and public administration to Lukmaan IAS. I would like to give special credit to Ansari Sir’s tireless efforts and personal guidance for my performance.

Bhuvanesh D. Patil (AIR 59, CSE-2017)
Bhuvanesh D. Patil (AIR 59, CSE-2017)

First of all, i thanks lukmaan for give me for valuable guidance and constant support. When I came to Delhi for the first time I joined GS test series lukmaan which helped me a lot. Ansari Sir helped me to improve upon my writing skills for which he took various answer writing improvement programs. Also ED class helped me to built rational thinking and balanced views which hepled during my interview preparation. Lukmaan IAS also helps students who come from rural background and help them to improve their skills, that I recommend students to go far Lukmaan test series as well as Ed classes and get valuable guidance from the academy.

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