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    The following testimonial by Prabhat Malik, AIR 68, 2014 sums up the details about this course. He credits his increase in score from 93 to 123 in General Studies Paper 4 entirely to Ethics Course by Pavan Kumar.

    “For this year, I went to Pavan Kumar Sir from whom I have taken classes for Public Administration in my previous attempt. I have attended his classes for Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude and must say that it has benefited me. Here are the following tips for Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude which I have learned from his classes and put into practice in the examination.

    It is one paper that requires the least amount of preparation and that can help us in getting maximum marks. What it requires is our ability to understand what is needed from examination point of view.

    I have seen students reading hundreds of philosophers and getting literally drowned in it. It is our insecurity that makes us do such things.

    When I took classes, Sir had asked me to remove all my previous notions and ideas about this paper. It is one of those papers introduced by UPSC with the objective of testing the aptitude of candidates for Civil Services.

    Civil Services require a different kind of attitude and aptitude compared to other professions. Civil Servants are expected to be pro-active, dynamic, willing to take up challenges, lead the followers with the high amount of honesty and integrity.

    UPSC through this paper is trying to test whether we have those qualities or not. If we look at this year (2014) and previous year (2013) questions, it is very much clear that there is no structured preparation for this examination.

    It does not require any in-depth knowledge of either philosophers or philosophies. Nor do we need to study psychology. It expects us to have the basic understanding of the contributions of some important philosophers and more importantly it is our ability to use the knowledge in our day-to-day life.

    For example, a civil servant is expected, to be honest, have integrity and work selflessly. If we have to write the same thing in the examination, we will mention important philosophers like Emanuel Kant and others who strongly advocated that human beings should look for ultimate happiness and it can be gained only through selfless work and with right intentions.

    Or we can talk about Mahatma Gandhi who strongly believed that means are as important as ends.

    What really matters is not our knowledge of those philosophers or philosophies but our ability to link them to the questions that are asked in the examination. Pavan Sir’s contribution lies in the fact that he has dealt with these things in such a simple manner that it becomes very easy for us to put them into practice.”

    Pavan Kumar is among the top faculty of Public Administration in Delhi. Pavan Sir is known for his easy accessibility to the students and in providing constructive & thoughtful analysis about the strengths and weakness of the candidates. With the recent changes made by UPSC in the examination pattern, it has become extremely important for the candidates to develop a holistic approach to their preparation. UPSC is expecting the candidates to understand, assimilate, analyze and apply the concepts to real life situations. Pavan Sir has the unique ability to correlate the concepts and link them to current events (testimonials of our Toppers).

    Start Date: 9th August 2017

    Class Timing:  Monday to Friday, 11:15 am to 02:30 pm

    Number Of Sessions: 25

    Number Of Tests: 4

    Course Validity:  35 days + 15 days for revision

    Study Material: Included in the course. Please send us an email at to request shipping of study material.

    Q & A: Students can ask questions at the end of each unit through discussions and forums. To ask questions from teachers, use message/mail option present on the left side of the course page.

    Requirements: Internet connection (256 kbps or higher) and any computing device that connects to the internet.

    Includes: Unlimited access during the validity of the course. Access to private forums & groups. 3-day money back guarantees!

    Additional Info: Extra classes on other days may also be conducted as necessary. Student’s will be notified in advance through their NeoStencil account.

    As instructed by the Institute, online students enrolled for Ethics & Test Series can submit their test copies only within 24 hours after the test is conducting. The checked copies will be distributed before the discussion of the next test. If you join the test series midway, please follow the test submission as per the current schedule. The tests which have already been conducted can be submitted  within the 7-10 days of your admission.

    Click below for the Demo Lecture 

    Free Demo Lecture by Mr. Pavan Kumar

    Course Curriculum

    Important Topics For Mains 2017
    Important Topics For Mains 2017 00:00:00
    Handwritten Notes
    Notes 00:00:00
    Weekly Tests & Live Discussions
    Test 1 00:00:00
    Test Discussion – 1: September 02, 2017 00:00:00
    Test 2 00:00:00
    Test Discussion – 2: September 05, 2017 00:00:00
    Test 3 00:00:00
    Test Discussion – 3: September 07, 2017 00:00:00
    Test 4 00:00:00
    Test Discussion – 4: October 08, 2017 00:00:00
    Classroom Sessions
    Free Demo Lecture FREE 00:00:00
    Lecture – 1: August 09, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 2: August 10, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 3: August 11, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 4: August 14, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 5: August 16, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 6: August 17 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 7: August 18 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 8: August 21 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 9: August 22, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 10: August 23, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 11: August 24, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 12: August 28, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 13: August 29, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 14: August 30, 2017 00:00:00
    Case Studies 1 00:00:00
    Lecture – 15: August 31, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 16: September 01, 2017 00:00:00
    Lecture – 17: September 04, 2017 00:00:00
    Ethics Questions 00:00:00
    Lecture – 18: September 06, 2017 00:00:00
    Case Studies 2 00:00:00
    Lecture – 1: September 08, 2017 00:00:00

    Course Reviews


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    1. In ethics classes u have uploaded the same video twice. Lecture 2 and lecture 3 of pavan Kumar
      in August 2017 ethics are same. While watching initially I thought sir were repeating previous lecture but after one hour I realized the whole video was repeating. I didn’t not expect this from the initiative of neostencil

    2. Profile photo of Rajan Kapoor



      I had serious financial crunches and therefore couldn’t afford to stay in Delhi throughout the course validity also I personally always preferred to study Ethics & Pub Ad from Pavan Sir. NeoStencil website is a big relief as it gave the liberty of revising the classes at one’s own ease, watching them unlimited times throughout course validity.

    3. Profile photo of Riya Sharma



      Study material, test copy evaluation, doubt clarification by Sir, live classes followed by the advantage of class revision. All this was unreal for me as I could not imagine that sitting at my home in Ranchi, I can get all the same facilities as my friends staying in Delhi and preparing for IAS.

    •  22,500
    • 50 Days
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