Economic Survey & Budget 2020-21 For Civil Services by Pavan Kumar IAS


Pavan Kumar

Course suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019/20

4696 (Enrollments still on)

Lectures: 2+

7 days

About the course

The course provides quality analysis and prospects of Indian Economy. Moreover, it also contains quality information on government policies and programs on Social and Economic Development.

Institute toppers include the following: Pradeep Singh (AIR 1), Sachin Gupta (AIR 3), Ayush Sinha (AIR 7), Suman Sourav Mohanty (AIR 9), Ashima Mittal (AIR 12), Sagar Kumar (AIR 13), Prabash Kumar (AIR 30), Shivam Pratap Singh (AIR 52) and many more.
Pavan sir has 15+ years of experience in guiding students who are preparing for Civil Services Exam
The course is useful for GS3 Paper for UPSC Mains exam and also for UPSC Prelims exam

Tuesday, 11:30 am onwards
Tuesday, 11:30 am onwards

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Siddharth Raj Kumar

Complete crux for ES. Thanks a lot sir.

srikanth (Pavan Kumar Sir is known for complexity being simplified )

lucid expalnation with background ,sir really great work.

Kanak (review@eco survey)

I pay my sincere thanks to Pavan Sir for this beautiful initiative..saved a lot of time as well helped me to read survey from an analytical point of view...and ya sincere thnx to Neo Stencil as well for uploading this extremely helpful session on net for remote and poor students like us...

sanjay-singh5 (respect)

respect for your erudition

Naren (Thank u sir)

Consolidate, consistent, well summarized discussion on economic survey covering all relavant topics which are imporatnt for prelims as well as mains exam

KB (very good analysis)
KB (very good analysis)

thanks for your time sir.


Pawan sir is very good with economics as well I have experienced his ease with the subject nd way of explaining

Mand Buddhi (Worth It!)

I was a bit apprehensive before watching this. but since it was fee i watched all three videos. much better than soman raini

Riyas (excellent ,indepth analysis )

thank you for your class both pavan sir and neostencil

Zahid (Extremely helpful)

a lot of thanks to Pavan Sir and NeoStencil for providing this golden opportunity for the students who are far away from Delhi. The explanation is coherent, lucid and detailed. Regards

Rafique (Impressive)

Purely focussed on conceptual clarity and interlinkages between the different aspects of an issue. Very useful to grab the rational of this year's economic survey. Thanks for providing such a high quality lecture for free.

naveen (very helpful )

thank you Pawan sir for providing us deep insight in economic survey with lucid explanation.

Taresh (best course possible)

A great initiative.neostencil is going places

Shankul Rai (Best course possible)

A great initiative.neostencil is going places


Thank you Sir for providing the right perspective in which Economic Survey has to be understood. Thank you NeoStencil for making available this course.

ajit (an intelligent teacher & short and precise course)

I feel the two lectures given by him will prove to be very helpful for the mains. Mr Pawan Kumar has high conceptual clarity and knows exactly what is important for examination . He has covered almost everything in a very simple manner within a span of 5 hours.

bharanithar (Excellent Course)

Pavan Sir's course on Economic Survey taught me so many things I was unaware of. Brilliant !

Parveen (Ask the chief economic advisor to visit sir for next part.)

Thanku sir, I have lot to say about your clear cut understanding of things but i would like to say only one line. People who don't know you hardly know Upsc

Arpitha (Good and complete explanation)

Impressive explanation. All the topics are covered. Would have been better if the imp page numbers and figures as sir discussed are also uploaded




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