Ancient | Medieval History and Art & Culture by Md. Tarique Khan for UPSC Pre Cum Mains 2019

  • Md. Tarique Khan
  • Md. Tarique Khan
  • Lectures: 55+
  • 60 days + 15 days for revision
  • 69
About this course

The course covers the syllabus of Ancient & Medieval History and Art & Culture for Civil Services Pre Cum Mains. These are the recorded videos of Ancient & Medieval History and Art & Culture by Md. Tarique Khan.

Suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019

Course highlights

The course will help to build a strong analytical ability to tackle the current trend in history questions in UPSC CSE

Mohammad Tarique sir Khan has been guiding IAS aspirants for the past 22 years and has helped hundreds of successful aspirants to achieve their dream. He has an expertise in History Optional and General Studies History. He has an uncanny ability to connect past with the contemporary issues which make the subject live and interesting.

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I really liked Md. Tarique sir's teaching style. It was fun learning History under him. One point though - A lot of misconception exists about him having an Anti-Hindu bias. This was the feedback given to me. However, this is NOT true. He is as objective as a History teacher can get. In fact, wherever he spoke about Hindu symbols, he gave the due salutations while referring to them. On a couple of occasions I did find him comparing Bajrang Dal and Taliban and that WAS absurd. And such absurdities find way routinely to our leftist intellectual discourse. But beyond such Nehruvian ideals of Secularism, I found his treatment of the content very very fascinating. Also, the treatment of the subject matter was exhaustive. I can now say that I have a bird's eye view of the historical evolution of our country. Lastly, he talks in a sing song way and his lectures have a poetic rhythm to them. That helped tide over a data-heavy subject like History. I would advice other students to take this course, and make the most out of his lectures. And to the faculty, I can only say - Thank you.


The review is not about teacher . Teacher is good but the online course has skipped various topics in all lectures which the teacher mention at the start of every lecture , it seems like all videos are jumbled with various topics missing


This review pertains to content published on the site. The faculty is damn awesome. His content gets stuck in your head like forever. Rating for faculty: 5+ star Rating for content published by neostencil: 1- Star Review on content: Several topics are jumbled and missing in the Medieval section of the the course. It is very difficult to make notes. Video has been very haphazardly edited in the medieval section. Several topics have not been discussed as mentioned by the faculty in the start of lecture. The sequence seem to be broken in the medieval part. Please correct if it is possible.


Awesome faculty!!

Abhinav ( Abhinav Gour)

Very useful


Brilliant course on Ancient History and Medieval History. I expect more such courses on Indian Art, Literature, Architecture and culture in detail from Tarique Sir. I also want to congratulate Tarique Sir for his amazing grip on History.

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