All India UPSC Scholarship Test For Exam 2018



Course suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019

1919 (Enrollments still on)

Tests: 1

10 days

About the course

The course includes All India Scholarship Tests for UPSC aspirants. The test was conducted to shortlist meritorious UPSC aspirants and provide them with a scholarship in our selected courses. The scholarship is not applicable anymore but you can take the test if you wish.


Sun, 12:00 am to 02:00 am

What will you get?


Saurabh (Thanks for this opportunity. )

Test which had organized by NeoStencil was really good & questions too.

suyashi-misra (Unable to login)

Good initiative neostencil. ...but am unable to login, it's showing login details error. If possible, then kindly rectify it soon so that I can attempt the test by late tonight. Thanks

sudhir (A very good initiative.)

Overall exam experience is good. Questions were of good standard. Only few questions needed correction.

NIKHIL (Good initiative)

Thank's neostencil to give this opportunity to us.

Mohit (Many answers to questions are wrongly given. )



gud test and i hope key would be changed for few qns. when will result be announced?

Suraj (Many answers are wrong. Please correct)

Q22 - correct answer b) 2 and 3 Q37- correct answer a) 1 and 2 Q43- correct answer a) 1 only Q48- correct answer a) 1 only Q57- correct answer b) 2 and 3 Q70- correct answer b) July22, 1947 Q75- correct answer c) Rarer to denser Q87- correct answer c) Kelkar committee Q97- correct answer c) Q98- correct answer d)

Prem (Overall good but few questions need correction)

Overall the questions were of good standard and barring few glitches the experience was very good. As many as 4-5 questions had either wrong options as answers or were ambiguous in their explanations. (1) hoysala architecture did not develop in odisha (2) water is not in concurrent list/ 7th schedule (3) integrated check posts are not "only" along indo bangladesh border (4) cyclone and affected states question could have multiple neighbouring states as affected ones. cyclone mora for example wreaked havoc primarily in bangladesh rather than bengal, similarly okhi caused destruction in TN, Kerala, gujrat and others. Please do correct those.

saiharsha (unable to loginnnnn.........saying"The user name or password provided is incorrect")

pls consider

divya15 (same problem @ saiharsha..........while login showing incorrect username or password ...what should i do..plz neostencil consider)

good job neo...but just consider my problem

Anadi (Please review the following questions)

Pleases review the following questions: Q 22, ( Aadhar is a 12 digit number), Q37( gini coefficient measures income distribution), Q38( use of the word only in second statement), Q 66(members of Legislative councils can vote in presidential elections), Q 70(it was adopted on 22 July 1947), Q 87( Kelkar committee is not associated with Panchayati Raj) and answers for Q97, 98 are not shown

ankit (Unable to login)

It says wrong username and password.

ajay-kumar55 (A very big thanks to Neostencil)

Good and a very helpful initiative by Neostencil



Narender (Good initiative)

My score is 106.2 .Overall too good experience. But there are wrong answer for some questions. Please look into that. Test check all round knowledge.


Neo stencil is doing commendable job in bringing this education revolution

Nitin (Really appreciable work.)

I would suggest that these type of programme should be continued to encourage the the economically weaker students.

yogesh jindal (Test launching error)

After the login, there are showing - String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated. Pls look


Good Initiative

Amir (Nice)

My score is 53. But I guess they have some wrong answers so correction is needed. How did you guys perform?

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