350+ Government Schemes Via Mindmaps & Diagrams for UPSC Prelims 2019


M.K Yadav

Course suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC 2019 Prelims exam.

329 (Enrollments still on)

Lectures: 4

15 days

About the course

The course covers 350+ government schemes using Mindmaps and Diagrams for UPSC Prelims 2019

Year end reviews of Important Ministries, India Year Book 2019, Schemes in news, Yojna, Government websites and PIB
Mindmaps and Diagrams will help to understand and retain the concepts easily
Course highlights Tricky areas & Obvious pitfalls to avoid negative marking
Quick retention and Recall techniques to score high marks in prelims

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Namrata Jain  ((AIR – 12, CSE’18) - 2nd Highest Score in GS Papers)
Namrata Jain ((AIR – 12, CSE’18) - 2nd Highest Score in GS Papers)

I am grateful to theIAShub and MK Yadav Sir for his immense help in all the phases, especially Mains and Interview, of this preparation.The Quality Enrichment Programme (QEP) and INA Current Affairs helped me in scoring better in General Studies papers especially GS-2 (121 marks) and GS-3 (115 marks). QEP programme covered theme based topics with comprehensive coverage and apt use of facts, Figures, diagrams and keywords. The mind-maps helped in learning and retaining information in logical way. This helped me improve my ranking from AIR-99 to AIR-12 this year. The DAF analysis, personalized questionnaire, and one to one session helped me improve my score in Personality Test this year.

Sreelakshmi R  (AIR – 29, CSE’18)
Sreelakshmi R (AIR – 29, CSE’18)

Yadav Sir’s Quality Enrichment programme (QEP) was helpful in refining the preparation and answer writing just before mains. It is amazing how he keeps himself updated with relevant information. My thanks to Yadav Sir and best wishes to his students.

Garima Agrawal  (AIR – 40, CSE’18 -Highest Score in GS 3 Paper)
Garima Agrawal (AIR – 40, CSE’18 -Highest Score in GS 3 Paper)

M K Yadav Sir's Current Affairs under Intensive News Analysis (INA) Programme has really helped me during GS-2 and GS-3 of Mains and also for Interview. His notes on Economy are especially useful, where I have scored 121 in GS-3. A good combination of current affairs, Static facts and diagrams can really boost your score in mains. I would like to thank theIAShub team for their support and duration in course of this preparation.

Anand Sharma  (AIR – 62, CSE’18)
Anand Sharma (AIR – 62, CSE’18)

I want to thank M K Yadav Sir for his guidance and advice throughout my preparation. The Quality Enrichment Programme (QEP) helped me in scoring good marks in GS. The diagrammatic approach with ‘Facts and Figure’ added quality to my answers, with special mention about Governance, Agriculture and Infrastructure portion. Similarly, INA (Intensive News Analysis) helped make me aware about Current Affairs and various other issues, helping me in GS and Essay (Marks-141). Sir also motivated us and was easy to approach at any time to solve our doubts and problems.

Manisha Rana  (AIR – 67, CSE’18)
Manisha Rana (AIR – 67, CSE’18)

I am Manisha Rana, and I have secured rank 67 in CSE 2018. I want to thank MK Yadav Sir for this achievement. His INA polity and economy notes, class videos during Mains and the one to one interaction, hundreds of questions on my DAF helped a lot to work hard in the right direction. He has been very supportive during the preparation and I am very thankful for this.

Ritika  (AIR – 88, CSE’18)
Ritika (AIR – 88, CSE’18)

I'm deeply grateful to Mandeep Bhaiya (fondly addressed by his students as M K Yadav Sir) from the bottom of my heart. He has been my guru, holding my hand and guiding me at every step of this journey towards becoming a civil servant. This feat wouldn't have been possible without you. Thanks for being with me!

Nityanand Jha  (AIR – 128, CSE’18)
Nityanand Jha (AIR – 128, CSE’18)

I took help from M K Yadav Sir's Mains Current Affairs. The approach followed by Sir is relevant to the changing UPSC Pattern. Apart from this, Sir guided me during my personality test preparation. This phase was very important for me as I did not have good marks in my previous year interviews. I am deeply indebted for the help I received. Thank You Sir and the entire team of theIAShub.

Vikas Ahlawat  (AIR – 146, CSE’18)
Vikas Ahlawat (AIR – 146, CSE’18)

MK Yadav Sir’s unique approach of focusing on conceptual clarity with use of Mind maps, Diagrams, Theme based Keywords etc refined my GS preparation and improved my answer writing skills to score good marks in GS-2 and GS-3. The QEP based classes helped me to interconnect the topics in GS papers. Sir’s personal mentorship has been a source of constant motivation and has helped me to improve my rank from 369 in 2016 to 146 in CSE 2018. I owe my success to MK Yadav sir. theIAShub has been a revelation in the field of civil services and it has redefined the level of excellence in clearing mains exam and rank improvement.

Gundala Reddy Raghavendra  (AIR – 180, CSE’18)
Gundala Reddy Raghavendra (AIR – 180, CSE’18)

theIAShub played an important role in my preparation especially. It is like a one stop solution to all Material. Adding to that, Mk Yadav sir approach on paper 3, especially on economy using rightsizing the key words is brilliant. Thanks a lot Mk Yadav Sir!

Sushant Singh  (AIR – 189, CSE’18)
Sushant Singh (AIR – 189, CSE’18)

theIAShub classes helped me in my Mains and Interview preparation. For Mains preparation, I used extensively the charts & graphical representation provided by MK Yadav Sir. This year my Interview marks improved (182 Marks) compared to last year due to the personal guidance of MK Yadav sir. Also the material for interview preparation was in 'Question Answer format', which was absolutely fantastic.

Abhinav Shah  (AIR – 222, CSE’18)
Abhinav Shah (AIR – 222, CSE’18)

M K Yadav Sir and his institute has immensely helped me through the journey of UPSC preparation.The crisp notes provided by Sir are a boon to every aspirant, which makes it easier for us to study.Sir helped me a lot during the interview preparation through personal session and mock interview.Therefore I would like to thank M K Yadav Sir and his full team from the bottom of my heart.

Kumar Vivek  (AIR – 253, CSE’18)
Kumar Vivek (AIR – 253, CSE’18)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank MK Yadav Sir. This was my last attempt. My preparation was floundering, to say the least. But I came to MK Yadav Sir who supported me throughout my last attempt and gave me the courage to not fall for the negativity. I joined his Prelims Govt. Schemes Classes, INA Current Affairs, and QEP Classes. It corrected many things that I was not earlier doing properly. At interview stage, Sir's Interview classes, personal sessions and DAF based Questions helped me secure highest in Interview this year (206 Marks). MK Sir came as nothing short of an elixir to my floundering preparation. Thank you Sir!

Aarsha N S  (AIR – 258, CSE’18)
Aarsha N S (AIR – 258, CSE’18)

QEP programme of M.K Yadav has helped me a lot in making my answers stand out. His personal reviews had played the most important role in my preparation. He was the first person to appreciate my answers and he showed me the right way to bring that extra edge to answers. Thank you so much Sir. I am glad that I attended QEP and that definitely has made me reach a place in the list.

Gaurav Gunjan  (AIR – 262, CSE’18)
Gaurav Gunjan (AIR – 262, CSE’18)

M K Yadav Sir has acted as a mentor for me. Being my 'college senior', he has helped me all throughout my preparation in 4th attempt (Mains and after). His Current Affair notes were filled with 'Keywords' which helped me in writing good answer in GS. He was there to ease my tensions at some situations. I am very fortunate to have met him. Thank You Sir.

Mohd Jawed Hussain  (AIR – 280, CSE’18)
Mohd Jawed Hussain (AIR – 280, CSE’18)

My experience with M K Yadav Sir goes beyond mentorship and classroom walls. Having known him as a friend, Philosopher and Guide, could not be expressed in words. I found Sir's teaching methodology to be the best in the industry. His interlinkage of topics is awesome. The diagrammatic representation and thematic teachings are the need of the hour and M K Yadav Sir has mastered it like nobody else. His critical appreciation/ depreciation (LOL) always motivated me to improve and perform better. I would highly recommended aspirants to Sir's individual module like Government Schemes, Budgets, Economy Survey etc. which are highly compact and enriching to all the stages of the examination. Sir, your guidance was indispensable without which the journey would not have been the same.

K.V.L. AKshay  (AIR – 363, CSE’18)
K.V.L. AKshay (AIR – 363, CSE’18)

I have been enrolled in INA as well as QEP classes of M K Yadav Sir and I am happy to share that these classes helped me sustain my preparation and provided me with expert's guidance throughout the one year. I am particularly thankful to Yadav Sir and his team at theIAShub for their personal interest in motivating me through and through.The notes were succinct and the classes enjoyable and more importantly, helpful in my preparation. Thank You again for being part of my journey.

Rajat Bhardwaj  (AIR – 366, CSE’18)
Rajat Bhardwaj (AIR – 366, CSE’18)

I was a student of QEP, Government Schemes as well as interview programme. QEP programme was helpful in providing 'mind maps' as well as proper guided content for mains answer writing. Government Schemes program helped me cover whole 350+ schemes in 2 days and Interview programme was helpful in providing DAF analysis. M K Yadav Sir and theIAShub team was helpful and motivating in every aspect.

K. Lalith  (AIR – 626, CSE’18)
K. Lalith (AIR – 626, CSE’18)

When it comes to civil service preparation, there are so many options, avenues and institutions. During my preparation, I understood that clear sense of purpose and correct guidance are key to success. I've been really fortunate to be mentored by M K Yadav Sir for GS paper 2 and GS paper 3, two areas where there is an immense scoring possibility and scope for conceptual integration. Sir's way of teaching is very inclusive and interactive at the same time, conceptually rich and fun to learn, which helps to gain an extra edge. Especially in terms of how to make our answer unique and different through real life current affairs based examples and interdisciplinarisation. He not only imparted conceptual knowledge, but also motivated us to aspire for success. He also helped me towards my personality development which played a vital role in interview stage. CSE-2018

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