Is Anthropology a Good Optional for IAS Exam?

Anthropology Optional for IAS exam: Choosing an appropriate optional subject among the cluster of UPSC optional subjects can be a daunting task. UPSC aspirants often get confused and try to figure out how to choose the best UPSC optional subject

Contributing a total of 500 marks,  the optional subjects can help score more marks in UPSC Mains exam. Among the list of optional subjects, one crucial subject is Anthropology optional. The subject has always been favourite among the aspirants of Biology background. If you are looking forward to choosing Anthropology optional, you must know the pros and cons of the subjects very well. 

Many factors must be considered before choosing an optional subject. Here, we have tried to cover up all the factors which will help you to understand whether Anthropology is an excellent optional for the UPSC CSE exam or not. 

Anthropology as UPSC Mains Optional

Anthropology optional comprises of two papers, i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2 of 250 marks each. The Anthropology optional syllabus is pretty decent. Over the past few years, Anthropology is the only optional whose syllabus has been reduced by removing topics like Development Anthropology, Ethnicity, Reproductive Biology, Twins etc. 

Apart from the syllabus, many other factors lead to aspirants' choice to be Anthropology optional for the IAS exam over the past few years. Here, we will discuss how choosing Anthropology optional is beneficial to you. 

Why Choose Anthropology Optional for IAS Mains Exam?

Anthropology Syllabus

Due to the decrease or cut-down of the syllabus of Anthropology optional over the past few years, aspirants have got fewer topics to cover if they opt for the subject. 

Better Option for Science Graduates

UPSC aspirants who have graduated with science subjects may find Anthropology optional easy. There are many topics in Anthropology optional Paper 1 that involves science concepts like Human Genetics, Concept of human growth and Development, Demographic Theories, Characteristics of Primates etc. Candidates who have a keen interest in science and its term can crack the exam and score well. 

Direct Questions

The questions asked in the Anthropology optional are straightforward, and they need to be answered to the point. Candidates have a good chance of scoring in the papers by answering the question using diagrams and flowcharts. 

Over the past few years, many candidates have opted for Anthropology optional and scored well in the overall exam. It must be noted that the candidates must not follow the trend of optional subjects that others are choosing. Opt for the subject in which you are interested, and you think you have expertise over the subject. 

The commission has provided an option to choose the subjects of your own choice, therefore try to choose the subject that benefits you in every way. Choosing Anthropology optional will help you score well only if you have a keen interest in the subject as well as you have the right amount of knowledge and preparation. 

Anthropology Optional Important Tips

  • If you are planning to opt for Anthropology optional, it will be more beneficial to prepare for the paper as early as possible. 
  • If you think you have expertise over the subject, it is still suggested that you do not ignore the subject while preparing for the UPSC exam as it may cost you in scoring good marks in CSE exam.
  • Like any other optional subject, Anthropology syllabus is the very first that the candidates must be well versed in if they are opting the subject. 
  • Choose the correct source of preparation. UPSC NCERT books can be beneficial if used wisely. 
  • Don't be overconfident, stay focussed on your preparation and make the best out of it. 

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