Anthropology Answer Writing Practice - Week 8 - Question 4

90 Days Anthropology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 24-Jan-2018

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24-Jan-2018 - Question 2

Write a note on Left-wing extremism and tribals in India(150 words)

Model Answer

India attained her independence 65 years ago and despite all efforts has a sizable portion of her rural population living in poverty. This is particularly predominant in rural areas which house the major portion of our population. Left Wing politics has been present in India prior to independence, but resort to violence commenced with the Naxalbari movement in West Bengal on 24 May 1967. The rebellion was started by a breakaway group of Communist Party of India (Marxist) who formed a new party, Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) under the leadership of Kanu Sanyal and Charu Mazumdar. The movement was aimed at redistribution of land to the peasants. The party used violence and this triggered violent clashes in rural Bengal between the landlords and tillers of the soil. The Naxalites adored the Chinese leader Mao Zedong and believed in his diktat, Power flows from the barrel of a Gun.

There are primarily two causes for the Left-wing extremism in India. These are lack of governance and socio-economic issues. In as much as governance is concerned the most important issue is we lack a Long Term Strategic Perspective. Development of these regions has been haphazard and does not lend to long-term benefits. There is no plan of action ipso facto any accountability. Further, the government has been mistaking industrialisation for development. The tribals have been denied their constitutional rights and justice has been denied to them. The Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) operating in these regions have their own vested interests consequently providing the space for Maoists to spread their agenda. The next issue is an equitable distribution of land. The Maoists promise that they would equitably distribute land and this lures the people to participate in their movement.

With regard to socio-economic issues, education must be the prime intervention and this needs to be addressed with innovation. The Operation Sadbhavna model could be innovatively replicated. Once education enters the bloodstream of the people in this region, they would be discrete with their actions. Most of these areas lack infrastructure. The Maoist leaders leave no stone unturned to prevent the development of communications network in the region to ensure that their propagation against the government is easily digested by the people. The next aspect is demography. India is faced with a youth bulge as per which 70 percent of our 1.2 billion population are below 35 years and need to be gainfully employed. It is also pertinent to note that bulk of this population live in the rural areas and often fall a prey to the call of Maoists in the absence of suitable employment. It may be noted that being a diverse country there has to be a separate plan for each region based on the peculiarities.

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