Anthropology Answer Writing Practice - Week 12 - Question 5

90 Days Anthropology Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 23-Feb-2018

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23-Feb-2018 - Question 1

Discuss the criticism leveled against anthropology in the context of Isolation, and assimilation debate on tribal populations.(250 words)

Model Answer

First, there was a school of thought which favoured isolation. Hutton, who was a Commissioner for Census of 1931, gave a solution to the tribal problems of uncontrolled acculturation. He suggested the creation of self-governing tribal areas with free power of self-determination.

Earlier Verrier Elwin suggested the creation of National Parks where the tribal people could live safely without being victims of what Elwin calls an over-hasty and unregulated process of belief and civilization . But later on Elwin discarded the idea of a national park. Both Hutton and Elwin were severely criticised for recommending this policy of isolation which was looked upon as a proposal to create a museum or zoo, instead of helping the tribal people to utilise the resources of modern knowledge and improve their condition of life.

Second, there is another school which favoured assimilation. According to G.S. Ghurye, the tribals are backward Hindus and they should be completely assimilated into Hindu culture. D.N. Majumdar has put forward a philosophy and programme of tribal welfare. He says that it is not possible to ignore the entire tribal population and leave them to their own lot. It is not also possible to completely assimilate them in the Hindu culture.The Christian missionaries and some social reformers like Thakkar Bapa have recommended and have worked for the assimilation of these tribal groups either into Christianity or into Hinduism. They were criticised for not showing respect towards the culture , customs and way of life of tribals.

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