Anthropology Answer Writing Practice - Week 1 - Question 6

90 Days Anthropology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 08-Dec-2017

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08-Dec-2017 - Question 2

Write short note on :
1.Homo Erectus
2.Linguistic Anthropology

Model Answer

1.Homo Erectus

You can write about finds from any region here I have mentioned peking and java man

Homo erectus lived for more than one million years and spread from Africa to Asia. The fossils obtained were nicknamed as Java man and Peking man based on the location from which they were obtained.

Java man

  • The discovery of Java man was first major Hominid find and helped understand the evolution and anatomy of early man. Its extinct remains were found in Java, Indonesia
General features
  • They weigh around 70kg.
  • Height : ~170cm
Anatomical features
  • Skull: small in size with complex supra orbital region and broad, rounded occipital region
  • Cranium: dolichocephalic with lower cranial vault And complex cranial sutures
  • Forehead: receding, flat
  • Teeth: smaller canines but largess incisors and molar. Diastema occurs in the upper dental arch . They r essentially human with partly ape-like features (overlapping canines)
Peiking man

Peiking man is an extinct hominid species of H. erectus , known from the fossils found in a village in Beijing. The story of the famed Peking Man fossils is one of discovery and loss.He is considered as the ancestor of Chinese people. He post dates Java man

General characters

  • Weighs around ~50 kg and shorter in stature than Java man
Anatomical features
  • Skull: large in size with heavy continuous furrows separating forehead from supraorbital region
  • Cranium: Dolichocephalic , has cranial capacity nearing modern man
  • Forehead: receding but has bump like development
  • Teeth: essentially modern, though with large canines & molars
  • Limb bones: almost like modern man
Tools of H.erectus
  • Used more advanced, sophisticated tools as hand axes. Mostly Acheulian tools
  • Tools associated with Java man are yet to b found but tools of Oldowan- technology are found in Java.
2.Linguistic Anthropology
  1. Study of speech and language as a socio-cultural phenomenon across space and time.
  2. It is Linguistics in the context of culture and society. Therefore ,Linguistic anthropology deals with history, structure, variation and meaning of language in the social and cultural contexts they occur.
  3. Upto 1950's it dealt with only descriptive studies such as origin of language, classification and similarities and was called Anthropological liguistics.
  4. Contemporary Lingusitic Anthropology is considered to be both descriptive and analytical. It has 5 sub branches.
  5. Historical or comparitive Linguistics: study of emergence, divergence and dynamics of language over time in cultural context. 6. Structural Lingusitics: Construction of Language. Deals with Phonemic, syntactic and morphemic structures.
  6. Socio-Linguistics: study of speech in social and situational contexts.Covers regional dialects, secret languages, magic languages, folktales.
  7. Ehnosemantics: to understand culture from the point of view of people. studies meanings the words carry for a culture group for a particular situation.
  8. Psycho Linguistics: studies processes underlying the acquisition ,use, transmission of language.
  9. Contemporary Linguistic Anthropology tries to understand the historical linkages and tries to devise scripts to languages without one. It helps in establishing contacts with Alien and foreign culture groups and in devising contents and curriculum under tribal education policies.
Note: The Model answer is only for your reference and not the ideal answer for the question.

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