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90 Days Anthropology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 06-Dec-2017

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04-Dec-2017 - Question 2

How is Darwinism different from Lamarckism? Critically evaluate their contributions.

Model Answer


Attempts to explain the similarities and differences among species

Adaptations- are a major component to these theories.

Adaptations are features which make a species better suited to live and reproduce in its environment

The evolutionary theory of Jean-Baptiste Lamark was based on the principle of:

  1. Use and Disuse
  2. Inheritance of acquired traits
The principle of Use and Disuse:

For an organism, new structures appeared in the course of evolution because they were needed. Structures that were present and were used became better developed and increased in size; structures that were not used decreased in size and eventually disappeared

Ex: muscles of an athlete vs. Appendix

Inheritance of Acquired Traits:

Useful characteristics acquired by an individual during its lifetime can be transmitted to its offspring

These acquired traits result in species that are better adapted to their environment

Ex: a giraffe s neck became longer as a result of stretching to reach higher branches. This acquired trait was then passed down to the offspring


Darwin presented theory of evolution in " origin of species and made 3 observations & 2 deductions

Observation 1: all organism has potential for explosive population that would outstrip their food supply ( idea from Malthus)

Observation 2: population of species remains more or less constant over generation

Deduction1: therefore there must be struggle for existence

Observation 3: nature is full of variations, even in one animal group individuals vary

Deduction2: therefore some of these variations are favored & some are disfavoured


1) Overpopulation

2) Struggle for existence: interspecies , intraspecies , struggle against environment

3) Hereditary & variation : Useful , permanent variations are hereditary

4) Survival of fittest /natural selection: nature selects organism with useful variations, therefore, results in differential reproduction

5) Origin of species: individuals selected by environment accumulate variations -- new species.

Note: The model answer is only for your reference and not an ideal answer for the question.
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