Anthropology Answer Writing Practice - Week 1 - Question 2

90 Days Anthropology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 04-Dec-2017

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04-Dec-2017 - Question 2

'Man can stand erect while anthropoid apes cannot . Discuss the anatomical changes that occurred in Man due to erect posture.

Model Answer

Following anatomical changes needs to be elaborated in your answer.
  1. Skull- skull well balanced on the first vertebra, foramen magnum centrally placed
  2. Vertebral column - elastic ligaments between vertebral lamina, four alternative curves, extensor n spinal muscles in the direction of spinal process
  3. Thorax- transverse diameter more than dorsoventral diameter
  4. Pelvis- ileum has become short, sacral part enlarged, head of the femur enlarged, acetabulum thicker n larger, n it is centrally placed
  5. Limbs- Legs longer than arms to withstand body weight
  6. Femur - muscle attachments n ridges more sharply defined. Linea Aspera is a characteristic feature of humans
  7. Footless opposability of great toe, shock absorbing arches, medial n lateral arches, calcaneum larger n stronger, wedge-shaped development of other torsal bones
Note: The model Answer is for only your reference purpose and is not the ideal answer for the question.
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