Anthropology Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 4 - Question 5

90 Days Anthropology Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 07-Dec-2018

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07-Dec-2018 - Question 1

Differentiate between Varna and Caste. 150 words

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Model Answer

The word caste is derived from portuguese word 'casta’ meaning a system of classification based on color, creed, blood and race etc. Generally, societies the world over follow any one model of caste. In India, we follow two models  i.e. varna and caste model. In India caste is know as Jati. Today, caste has become synonymous with Varna at reference level and Jati at micro level.

According to Louis Dumont, varna is derived from sanskrit base ‘Vr’ with expansion i.e. ‘varana’ meaning to select. Thus, Varna represents an achieved social status. But in post Vedic period, this system changed into ascribed one i.e. by birth. Thus evolved Jati system. Jati is derived from sanskrit  word Jnāti.

Varna is an early Vedic concept while Jati is post Vedic. There are only four varnas where's there are approx 6000 Jati. There is a definite hierarchy in Varna system i.e. Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra. Whereas it is not so definite in Jati system. Varna is a pan India concept where's Jati is localised. Varna' system has got religious sanctions while Jati system has got social sanctions. Varna system represents book view i.e. acts a reference category. Jati system represents field view i.e it shows ground reality.

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