Anthropology Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 4 - Question 1

90 Days Anthropology Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 03-Dec-2018

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03-Dec-2018 - Question 1

relevance of purusartha and asrama in today`s life. 200 words

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Model Answer

Purusarthā comes from purus and artha which means ‘something that provides meaning to your personality’. As envisaged by great sages, there are four purusarthā viz. Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksà. First three constitute ‘trilogy’ which means all these are means to an end i.e. moksà.

The theory of purusarthā finds its concrete expression in the Hindu scheme of āsrama. According to it, there are four āsramas viz. Brahmcarya, Grahstha, Vānaprastha and Samyāsa. Āsramas literally means a place to labour. A place to work so that one can justify being human. Sacred literatures like Dharmasutra and Manusamhita tell us the duties and functions of each àsrama so as to attain moksà in the end.

This traditional system provides us a mission in our life which is to unfold it and derive meaning and joy from it. These purusarthā and àsrama can solve a lot of our problems as well as worldly problems. For example, Brahmcarya channelised the impulse of adolescent in right direction which prevents him from committing any sex crime, ego related crimes etc. In Grahstha, one fulfills three rina i.e. Pitr-rina to continue the society. Through Atithi Rina, hunger related crimes can be controlled. Through Bhut rina, environment can be protected. In Samyāsa, the knowledge gained during lifetime is spread and that is responsible for advancement of culture.

But today, Brahmcarya starts and when does it ends, nobody knows. Grahstha starts and never ends. In terms of purusarthā, Dharma was regulator among trivarga and moksà was the objective. Today, no body talks about moksà. Dharma is used only as reference category while Artha and Kama have become dominant . That's why the crime world over has been on the rise.

Make a flow diagram showing interdependence of purusarthā and àsrama.

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