Anthropology Answer Writing Practice 2020 - Week 2 - Question Set 3

90 Days Anthropology Answer Writing Practice - Questions for 23-Nov-2020

Anthropology Syllabus Covered in Week 2

1.1 Evolution of the Indian Culture and Civilization — Prehistoric (Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Neolithic - Chalcolithic). Protohistoric (Indus Civilization): Pre- Harappan, Harappan and post- Harappan cultures. Contributions of tribal cultures to Indian civilization.

1.2 Palaeo – anthropological evidences from India with special reference to Siwaliks and Narmada basin (Ramapithecus, Sivapithecus and Narmada Man).

1.3 Ethno-archaeology in India : The concept of ethno-archaeology; Survivals and Parallels among the hunting, foraging, fishing, pastoral and peasant communities including arts and crafts producing communities.

2. Demographic profile of India — Ethnic and linguistic elements in the Indian population and their distribution. Indian population - factors influencing its structure and growth.

Instructions for Writing Answers

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1. Bring out ways in which demographic dividend among indian population can be achieved. 15 marks. 200 words.

2. Short note on Sivapithecus. 10 marks. 150 words.



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