Anthropology Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 2 - Question 4

90 Days Anthropology Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 21-Nov-2018

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21-Nov-2018 - Question 2

Negrito elements in India. Discuss. 10 marks. 150 words.

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Model Answer 

Guha classified Indian population into six races viz. The negritos, the proto Australoid, the Mongoloid, the Mediterranean, the western brachycephalic and the nordics. The first three races comprise of significant population in india. 

           There is a debate among anthropologist about first comers in India. De Quartrefages, 1877, was first to opine that negritos had spread their influence on the Indian subcontinent. Keane supported this opinion. He advocated that first strain of negritos in India probably came from Malaysia. He said that kadars, irulas, karumbas etc represent Negrito racial strains. But, he  differed few years later saying that wooly hair which are common in african negritos are not so in indian negritos. Risley, did not put indians into Negrito classification as he did not find wooly hair in indians. J.H. Hutton studied angami nagas of Manipur. He has given evidences that negritos traits in indian population came from melanesia.He also provided cultural parallels like head hunting etc have diffused from melanesia. Though, Hutton was criticised by Majumdar where latter opined against diffusion of these traits.Then, Guha opined that negritos are first comers in India based on his study of wooly and frizzly hair in kadars. Sarkar objected to Guha's assumption which was based on single characteristics of hair. Still, scienctific investigation lacked all these claims.

            It is considered that if at all negritos are the first comers and assimilated across India, then the negroid characteristics should be noticed from northern population also. But, it is not so.

            Serological study revealed that indian tribes do not resemble the Negroes as far as their blood groups are concerned. Most tribals exhibit A blood group whereas Negroes exhibit B blood group. Bhils and munda  possess B blood groups mostly but they're not similar to negritos in physical features.


            On other hand, there are large evidences that Australoid might be first comers. A large tribal population exhibit A blood group and australoids too. Lot of skeletal remains found at Mohenjo-daro exhibit australoid features. Though, this conclusion may be reversed in future based on advanced scientific researches and techniques.


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