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  • UPSC 2018 – Answer Writing Practice for IAS Mains Optional Subjects

    Introducing: 90 Days Answer Writing Practice for your Optional Subject

    Click on the icon to go to the respective optional subject page for more details.

    NeoStencil brings to you 90 Days Answer Writing Challenge.

    December 4, 2017 to March 2, 2018: Spend 90 days with us, and we’ll help you cover all aspects of your optional subject.

    Each week, we will cover one module of your optional subject such that by the end of 90 days you would have covered all modules of paper 1 as well as paper 2.

    To know details about each optional subject, click on the respective subject icon (bottom of the page)

    The idea is simple:

    1. You prepare a concept based on a pre-decided schedule (available on optional page)
    2. You write answers to posted questions (Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
    3. Our experts evaluate your answers and share feedback
    4. Our experts upload model answers (Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) for you to use
    5. You learn from feedback, model answers and improve
    6. Repeat next week


    90 days answer writing practice for ias mains


    Learn and fun – combined

    Yes, learning is a big motivator. And, in most cases, it would be enough to get you to participate. But, just to make it fun, we decided to add a competition aspect as well.

    Learn & Fun - 90 days answer writing challenge

    We will announce regular winners.

    • For most well-written answers every week
    • For most well-written answers per subject (once in 90 days)
    • For people who share help make our challenge a success.

    Remember, the 90 days answer writing challenge is for your benefit. At the same time, we need your help to make it a grand success. The more the people that participate, the better the learning and sharing we can all expect.


    What you’d get


    UPSC answer writing for IAS optional


    I. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage
    • Detailed Study Plan as per UPSC CSE Syllabus for 12 weeks
    • Questions from Paper 1 and Paper 2 in Alternate Weeks
    • 6 Questions a week – 2 Questions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    • Questions will be from Previous years, UPSC Mains
    II. Experts’ Feedback
    • Feedback from Subject Matter Experts
    • Personalized feedback on your answers, to help you improve
    III. Model Answers
    • Model Answers will be shared next day of posting questions (so, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
    • Model answers will help you understand aspects which you perhaps missed out on
    • You can refer to these questions, your answers, feedback, and model answers for revision of each concept


    Optional Subjects covered under this Initiative

    Answer writing for UPSC

    What you’d achieve?

    • Develop Answer Writing Skills for Your Optional subject
    • Understand the trends of UPSC Mains for last five years
    • Overcome your doubts by discussions with peers

    So, what are you waiting for? Click on your optional, and let’s start mastering it – topic by topic.

    Political Science
    Public Administration

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      thank you neostencil…really a great initiative by you….pls keep up with it.

    • Aijaz

      if any one have zoology optional plz help me i need booklet of zoology optional… this is ma whatsapp no 9796390495

    • Pooja Sahu

      Please Neostencil, start answer writing program for Agriculture optional too!!

      • NeoStencil

        Hi Pooja,

        Thanks for your feedback. We will try to consider your inputs in upcoming initiatives.

        • Conscience

          Hi neostencil,
          I am not able to download pdf of question and answer series conducted for public administration optional answer writing practice conducted from January to march
          could you help me with the issue.
          thank you

    • pannu

      thanx a lot @disqus_DZ0RrDz1ZP:disqus
      for providing such a wonderful platform for answer writing (pub ad)
      it was a great plasure as well it provide me to overcome the challenge or fear of writing answers
      in future also if any such activity provide, i will eager to join and write
      thanx once again

    • singh_shine

      Will you be conducting more such test series in coming months? If yes, which month? I have started optional prep just a month back? Also, wasn’t aware of this website till now. Will you be again conducting PSIR optional test series?Please do!

    • Aparajita Guria

      Thanks a lot. Really appreciate Neostencil for such an encouraging initiative, which enriches the knowledge of the aspirants.


      Anyone with law Optional??plz let me know..

    • pannu

      great initiative
      relly worked for me

    • Soumi Das

      thank you neostencil team, that me there 🙂

    • Chattu Subha

      any one having anthropology?

    • Subhadip Batabyal


    • Suraj Sharma

      Hello can we enroll for this answer writing initiative

      • NeoStencil

        Hi Suraj,

        This is a free initiative you can start writing answers by clicking on dates in your optional subject page.

    • Anuj Bhardwaj

      Come and make history optional hindi medium group to hook 2018

      • Let’s Learn

        Is there such a grp ? Hindi medium history optional

    • Anuj Bhardwaj

      Kya ye hindi medium student ke liye nahi hai for history subject

    • Anuj Bhardwaj

      My subject history (hindi medium)

    • Anuj Bhardwaj

      Can it b for hindi medium student also

      • NeoStencil

        Hi Anuj,
        As of now, we are starting the initiative in English medium with courses mentioned above on the page. Stay connected on the page for any further updates.
        Team NeoStencil

    • singh Hari


    • BNS

      Hey friends
      How to join this initiative 🙂
      Thanks in advance

      • NeoStencil

        Hi BNS,
        The Initiative starts from 4th Dec., Monday. Our team will be posting questions on respective optional subject pages (icons with subject names shared above) on Monday, Wednesday & Friday for which the Model Answers will be shared on alternate days. e.g. Monday’s questions answers will be shared on Tuesday.

        • kiriti vaib

          thanks a lot

        • BNS

          So, we have to write answers on that page right ?

          • NeoStencil

            Yes you can write your answers in the comment box or you can upload & post clear pictures of your answers in the same box on respective subjects pages
            Team NeoStencil

    • deep_01

      Any one with political science optional?

      • harsha reddy

        ya me

      • Kanchan Prakash


      • Shradha Jain

        Yes I am

      • singh Hari


    • Pratapsing Rathod

      anyone hav information regarding anthropology optional.

      • tejeswari simma


      • palash

        I am with anthro optional

    • Harshit Gupta

      anyone with philosophy optional?

      • srijan

        Yess I am

        • aru bhatnagar

          i am in

      • abhisek pattnaik

        Me too.

      • Sudraka

        I am in.

        • Pawan Roy

          i am in

      • TheRthymicLegacy

        yes..can anyone share their mail id? we can have a group.

      • Alpha


      • K Karthik

        Yes Harshit…

      • Pawan Roy
    • Mission_2018

      Any one with Pub Ad optional ?

      • Aspirant

        yes…i got pub ad

        • nandigatti s m

          Please share your mail id or cell number ..
          i have to ask few questions about Pub Adm

          • NeoStencil

            Hi NandiGatti,
            You can drop us a mail at or give us a call at +91-9599075552.
            Also, you can drop a message here also.
            Team NeoStencil

      • crack2018

        I am in

        • nandigatti s m

          Please share your mail id or cell number
          i have to ask few questions about Pub Adm

          • crack2018

            WhatsApp me at 9896590613

      • nandigatti s m

        I am

      • I too have Public administration optional.I have written 2016 mains with same subject.This seems to be a good initiative.Kindly push so that Pawan sir checks the answers.

        • nandigatti s m

          Please share your mail id or cell number
          i have to ask few questions about Pub Adm

        • Shivani

          Aap yaha bhi 🙂

        • Mission_2018

          Hey can i have your email or whatsapp# ? My email is

      • nandigatti s m

        Please share your mail id or cell number
        i have to ask few questions about Pub Adm …

        • Mission_2018


      • Finding Kashfur

        Yes sir. I have Public Administration as optional subject

    • Akshay Kumar

      anyone with geo optional …mail me

    • Srijan Kapoor

      Is there anyone with psychology optional??

    • radhikamalhotra

      HISTORY Plssssss

      • Md Javed Akhter


        • NeoStencil

          history subject is now live, you can start writing your history answers to get regular feedback from subject experts.

    • Chemistry please

    • Anthropology please

    • Thanks and do continue the intiative..!

    • Mathematics..

    • Anthropology please

      • NeoStencil

        Anthropology subject is now live, you can start writing your Anthro answers to get regular feedback from subject experts.

    • Mechanical Engineering please.

    • when it will start…??

      • NeoStencil

        Hi Akash,
        We’ve revamped it adding new subjects in the list & the initiative is going to start from 4th Dec. 2017, Monday.
        Team NeoStencil

    • Good initiative. Anthropology please.

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