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UPSC 2019 - Answer Writing Initiative for IAS Mains Optional Subjects

Introducing: 90 Days Answer Writing Practice for your Optional Subject

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NeoStencil brings to you 90 Days Answer Writing Challenge.

The Answer Writing Initiative is live now: Spend 90 days with us, and we’ll help you cover all aspects of your optional subject.

Each week, we will cover one module of your optional subject such that by the end of 90 days you would have covered all modules of paper 1 as well as paper 2.

The idea is simple:

  1. You prepare a concept based on a pre-decided  schedule (available on optional page)
  2. You write answers to posted questions (Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  3. Our experts evaluate your answers and share feedback
  4. Our experts upload model answers (Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) for you to use
  5. You learn from feedback, model answers and improve
  6. Repeat next week

90 days answer writing practice for ias mains

Remember, the 90 days answer writing challenge is for your benefit. At the same time, we need your help to make it a grand success. The more the people that participate, the better the learning and sharing we can all expect.

What you’d get

I. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage
  • Detailed Study Plan as per UPSC CSE Syllabus for 12 weeks
  • Questions from Paper 1 and Paper 2 in Alternate Weeks
  • 6 Questions a week – 2 Questions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Questions will be from Previous years, UPSC Mains
II. Experts’ Feedback
  • Feedback from Subject Matter Experts
  • Personalized feedback on  your answers, to help you improve
III. Model Answers
  • Model Answers will be shared next day of posting questions (so, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
  • Model answers will help you understand aspects which you perhaps missed out on
  • You can refer to these questions, your answers, feedback, and model answers for the revision of each concept

What you’d achieve?

  • Develop Answer Writing Skills for Your Optional subject
  • Understand the trends of UPSC Mains for the last five years
  • Overcome your doubts by discussions with peers

So, what are you waiting for? Click on your optional, and let’s start mastering it – topic by topic.

To View, Question & Answer of Previous year's initiative click below:

Previous Year’s Answer Writing Initiative Questions and Model Answer

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