How COVID-19 Outbreak Affecting UPSC Aspirants? Problems and their Solutions

UPSC Aspirants have been facing a lot of trouble due to the outbreak of COVID 19. Whether you talk about their studies or to the state of their living conditions, everything is difficult. Delhi has always been a centre of UPSC aspirants from all over the country. Mukherjee Nagar, Nehru Vihar, Gandhi Vihar, and Katariya Sarai are a few of the places crowded by the Civil Services aspirants. 

CM Arvind Kejriwal has appealed to the landlords to not take rent from their labour tenants. This has surely helped the daily wage workers and labourers but the high crowd of students who live in PGs is suffering a lot as their house owners are demanding the rent. Many students used to earn monthly by teaching in coaching and tuition but due to the effect of the virus, every option has been closed. 

As per Vinay Mishra, a UPSC aspirant living in Mukherjee Nagar, “It is being difficult to arrange our daily need products, paying the rent is something quite impossible”. 

Aditya Pandey, living in Model Town, urges the government that the rent of the students should not be levied because it being very difficult to stay away from the home with a lot of expenses. Not only these two, students all over the country have been facing the same issues. Students who have vacated their hostels or PGs for time being and went to their homes are also being forced by the landlords to pay the rent. 

It is to be noted that rent and expense are not the only problems faced by the UPSC aspirants. IAS prelims exam is scheduled for May 31, 2020. As per the present condition, no one can assume whether the exam will be postponed or not. The current condition is already very crucial for the UPSC aspirants as at this point in time, students should have complete focus on their studies but the things have taken a new shape. 

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