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A Saga of Test Preparation and Coaching

It is challenging to be more than most. Someone writing a competitive exam in India knows all about it. Limited availability of seats in prestigious Medical and Engineering colleges, the elite Civil services, and the coveted Judicial Services has resulted in fierce competition to snatch those scant seats. Naturally, there is a general sense of foreboding and fear for the future in students minds. As a counter measure, most drift towards preparation under the umbrella of a coaching. With proper guidance and able mentoring, a diligent student can realize his true potential and achieve his goal. So, It is imperative that the student chooses wisely.

Accessibility to the best coaching classes is limited to those who live in major cities. Others, unfortunately, have to be content with whatever arrangement is available locally. Either that, or rely on periodically dispatched study material that is often outdated, or view recorded lessons that have no scope for interaction. When the results of these Competitive Tests are announced, the toppers are invariably those students who had had access to the best instructors and resources. A majority of the hopeful applicants fail, not for lack of effort, but because they lacked access to the best tutors. Desperately, many travel far, to Delhi, Kota, Hyderabad or any of those hotspots of Test Preparation (pun unintended!). But, the ordeal of leaving the security and comfort of home, family, and friends may not be an easy option for all. And, relocation can be a costly move These are reasons enough to dampen the morale of any aspiring student. If only there were a better option

 NeoStencil to the Rescue

Thankfully, there is NeoStencil. Graduates from top institutes like AIIMS, IIT, IIM, DCE, University of Massachusetts and Oxford joined hands to revolutionize the very concept of learning. This is a unique platform for Test Preparation where you can access the classrooms of the best teachers in India, from the comfort of your home. NeoStencil brings you the classroom you choose, Live! Yes, as-it-happens. Not years old recorded videos or some dilapidated study material. You can interact with the teacher and other students enrolled in the same class. You can have group discussion, and clarify doubts. NeoStencil brings your dream classroom to you, virtually!

Classroom teaching has met more than its match in Live Online Classes from NeoStencil. Reap the benefits of a classroom environment, and the advantages of one-to-one interaction with teachers and peers. Peruse the profiles of our eminent panel of teachers, and choose the classroom that d best suit your requirement. Enroll for that classroom. NeoStencil is simple, personalized, and structured for success. Success that is achieved by virtue of the hard work you put in, and not by the hardship you put up with.

 Why Live if recorded videos are available here and there?

 The traditional method of online learning through recorded videos and pdfs is beneficial, as it allows the student to go through the material as fast as they re comfortable. However, recorded videos and pdf files don t come without their limits. You confine yourself to a solitary battle by not engaging in a live classroom and miss out on the strength of learning together. By its very nature, recorded content is also often outdated or at the very least one step behind. Where you need to be at par with your peers, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage by missing out on the latest developments and discussions about exam paper trends, current events etc. So we decided to combine the best of both words and brought classrooms by top teachers to you.

When you choose your classroom at NeoStencil:

  •        Content is updated there and then; no more waiting around for the files or documents to be           uploaded online
  •        Live interaction with your peers and teachers
  •        Benefit from the discussions, questions answered in the actual classroom
  •        Ask questions, clarify your doubts in each class
  •        All classes are recorded and archived so that you may revise them anytime, many time.
  •        Attending classes is no longer a "chore" if you don t need to travel and sit in a hot classroom!
  •       Study from the best.

These simple and effective changes make sure that those who either live far away or cannot travel to the course can get a quality level of education from the comfort and security of their home.

Who are the teachers at NeoStencil? 

NeoStencil offers you expert guidance for Civil Services exams (Prelims and Mains), from doyens in this field, top teachers from popular institutes, who have had years of experience in successfully mentoring the candidates to develop a holistic approach to their preparation for the exams. They have helped the students understand and analyze concepts and assimilate information. They have nurtured and created winners. Now, it is your turn to be one. Come, join the NeoStencil revolution. If you don't have access to the best, NeoStencil will bring the best to you!

 Okay, I'm in. How do I get started?

Great! Welcome to NeoStencil. All you need to do really is just sign up and start learning! It is as simple as that. We take care of the rest.

When you sign up, you can access your courses from any device, anywhere, any time.

While we recommend an internet connection of 1Mbps or more for a better viewing experience, we understand that not everyone may have access to that. So we kept that in mind and made live classrooms available at speeds as low as 256kbps. A quick check would be, if you can watch YouTube on your internet connection, you can very well learn at NeoStencil.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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