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It is always essential to have a  plan, knowledge, and awareness of resources available to start the preparation for Civil Services Examination. Of late there are so many new and old resources available for UPSC IAS Preparation that deciding which one to pick can be daunting. NeoStencil reviews and testimonials section will help you navigate some of these options and help you determine the best IAS coaching that suits YOU. No matter how good an institute or faculty is, ultimately the real experience of the course can be defined only by the students who have invested time in studying from that faculty. NeoStencil review section is where you get to read the true stories of our students who have been on the same mission as you.

To promote transparency in our ongoing journey, we are happy to share the IAS toppers reviews, teachers reviews, along with the NeoStencil’s review by the students who had chosen us for their UPSC preparation. You are likely to find a good amount of information on various teaching styles, quality of our platform, customer support etc, problems faced and solutions achieved. This would help you to choose the best of the best Online IAS coachings in Delhi. You can go through the NeoStencil review as a personal recommendation by our enrolled students to decide which course or institute to choose. Additionally, we have tried to answer all the possible questions in each of our Course Home pages and our FAQ section that a candidate may have while taking up the online courses. None the less, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help you.


IAS Topper Reviews

Student Testimonials

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  • NeoStencil is definitely an idea whose time had come!

    NeoStencil is an excellent platform for preparing for civil services exam. It has done away with the need to shift to preparation hubs that are heavy on the pocket. It also provides convenience to the aspirant and allows them to choose from a range of very good teachers. It is definitely an idea whose time had come 🙂

    Ninika Dhawan

    Ninika Dhawan

    AIR 469, 2016
  • More power to you guys!!

    NeoStencil is a wonderful platform which decentralise education via the use of technology. I had the privilege of attending lectures of leading institutes without going to Delhi. More power to you guys!

    Abhijit Thorat

    Abhijit Thorat

    AIR 478, 2015
  • NeoStencil has surely added the value as everybody now wants to study online!

    NeoStencil has surely added the value as everybody now wants to study online. Also, the weather is so hot in Delhi that sitting & studying in front of your laptop from such teachers is much more comfortable than stepping out of the home to attend the coaching classes. The online classes are quite helpful and time saving for anyone who is compelled to stay in some other city due to their job or financial aspects.

    Akriti Sagar

    Akriti Sagar

    AIR 239, 2016
  • It's a harbinger of the revolution in the civil services exam pedagogy

    NeoStencil is a savior for all those who can't make it to Delhi or who have stressed work commitments. It's definitely a harbinger of the revolution in the civil services exam pedagogy. I wish the team all the best. Pavan sir's public administration course in my opinion, speaks for itself. Simple and holistic content, along with strong foundations in public administration is what this course offers to every student. The clarity in the thought process that Pavan sir brings into the students is certainly invaluable and helps the aspirants in all other GS papers as well.Read more

    Ukesh Kumar

    S Ukesh Kumar

    AIR 842, 2016
  • Thanks to NeoStencil which is an excellent platform for online classes!

    Shifting to Delhi is not a prerequisite to clear UPSC exam. Thanks to NeoStencil which is an excellent platform for online classes. Being in service, I am availing online Public Administration classes by Pavan Kumar Sir to improve my scores. It's both time and money saving as I can watch the classes anytime anywhere.

    Richa Sexcena

    Dr Richa saxena

    AIR 484, 2016
  • Very helpful for me in optimizing my exam preparation

    I took the classes of editorial discussions of Lukmaan IAS from NeoStencil's platform. I have even referred some of my friends who can not travel to Delhi for some reason to take up the classes from NeoStencil. Live online classes at NeoStencil were very helpful for me in optimizing my exam preparation and finally clearing the IAS exam.

    Naman Upadhyaya (IAS)

    Naman Upadhyaya (IAS)

    AIR 106, 2016
  • NeoStencil has 100 percent created value by connecting top teachers with students!

    NeoStencil has 100 percent created value by connecting top teachers with students. In fact, I invite NeoStencil to explore further options and tap bigger coaching institutes as the market to be catered to is huge in this segment. I find low online options for Ethics classes and optional test series from reputed institutes.

    Rajeev Garg

    AIR 315, 2015
  • NeoStencil has embarked on a valuable endeavor !

    This is an era of information technology which had addressed the geographical barriers and created an immense value for the distance and remote area students.  NeoStencil has embarked on a valuable endeavor to meet the requirements for civil service aspirants. So I feel the network of best online faculty is an approach keeping equity in mind.

    Aditya Langeh

    Aditya Langeh

    AIR 736, 2015
  • Thanks a lot NeoStencil for bringing the difference of a world to my preparations!

    NeoStencil is the best thing that I came across while the UPSC preparation. I had serious financial struggles and couldn't afford to stay in Delhi and study. There were no good classes for Philosophy optional available elsewhere except Delhi (I preferred Mitra's IAS classes) It was in this light that I came across NeoStencil, the quality of online classes and excellent online support from the staff is commendable ! The liberty of accessing archives of classes anytime and revising was time saving. Thanks a lot NeoStencil for bringing the difference of a world to my preparations ! Excellent...Read more

    Amith MP

    Amith MP

    Kozhikode (Kerala)
  • Right combination of technology and innovation!

    This platform demonstrates the potential of the right combination of technology and innovation to solve the traditional problems posed by geography. It is cost effective for students staying far away from the capital to gain access to the best teachers in various institutes of Delhi. There is also an added advantage of convenience to listen to the classes anytime and anywhere. Thank you so much for the great cause you are serving. Wish you all the best in reaching greater heights and expand to new dimensions of this service. I enrolled for GS Paper 4 and test series by Pavan sir who has a...Read more

    Lakshmi Swathi Gandham

    Lakshmi Swathi Gandham

    Guntur (Andhra Pradesh)
  • "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire"

    They say "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire". Millions of young people in India aspire to be part of that "All India services" to make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people and to serve this country. I would say, NeoStencil has created a positive impact to all those civil service aspirants by changing the dynamics of civil service preparation. Who would have thought 5 years back that it is possible to prepare for civil service exam without going to Delhi? Who would have thought that attending the class would be so much convenient? I must...Read more

    Shrihari R

    Shrihari R

    Bangalore (Karnataka)
  • Excellent online class platform!

    Excellent online class platform. Very helpful and efficient support team. Mitras Sir is excellent in explaining the concepts. Although I am midway through the course but could not resist writing a review as I am enjoying each and every class.

    Animesh Shukla

    Animesh Shukla

    Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  • Excellent work Neostencil!

    Customer care is really good. Special thanks to Ayushi Ma'am. Excellent work NeoStencil. Videos are of good quality, so far soo good. Waiting to review the course after it's completion.

    Nishant Ahlawat

    Nishant Ahlawat

  • Could not resist writing a review!

    Excellent online class platform. Very helpful and efficient support team. Mitras Sir is excellent in explaining the concepts. Although I am midway through the course but could not resist writing a review as I am enjoying each and every class.

    Animesh Shukla

    Animesh Shukla

    Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  • The team has the zeal!

    NeoStencil is doing a great job by delivering courses Online offered at Delhi. The team has  the zeal to provide the best of support to students. Ayushi has been helpful in answering all our doubts in a detailed manner. The greatest advantage of the online course is, you can view them at your choice. Great job Neostencil! The course is great but 1/100 times there are few technical disturbances (audio not clear , video is blurred ) etc. Mitra Sir has taken great care in finishing the course in a timely manner.


    Ravi Shankar Yelam

  • It's a great platform!

    It's a great platform and is especially useful for students who can't make it to Delhi. NeoStencil needs to expand its base by inculcating more teachers and courses. The course was excellent.


    Gaurav Satsangi

    Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
  • The advantages are just innumerable!

    NeoStencil immensely helps students residing in states other than Delhi. Saves the time to commute to classes. The provision of viewing the classes, any number of times gives an extra advantage to clarify the concepts by viewing multiple times. Timely and courteous response by NeoStencil team especially Ayushi. The advantages are just innumerable! Hope to see you rope in more premier institutes of Delhi. This initiative is immensely helpful for students like me who cannot take up coaching residing in Delhi. Great work neostencil! Crisp and clear cut explanation of concepts by Mitra sir....Read more

    Jyotsna. identicon

    Jyothsna Chand

    Tamil Nadu
  • It's like virtually connecting Rajender Nagar to every UPSC aspirant!

    Learning at your convenience and flexibility has been scaled to new heights by this platform. The quality of the live classes that one gets on this platform are commendable. Its like virtually connecting Rajender Nagar to every UPSC aspirant. The staff at NeoStencil is very friendly. Neostencil’s customer experience team was very helpful making my entire experience with NeoStencil a delight and hassle free. I attended Mitra Sir’s Philosophy (Optional) classes for UPSC Mains via NeoStencil. The conceptual clarity that was offered in his classes and the stress he lays on answer writing...Read more



    Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)
  • This idea of a real time online class was new to me!

    I learnt about this platform while searching for a Philosophy optional class. This idea of a real time online class was new to me and I found it quite interesting. Your initiative is really commendable. It is user friendly, student centred and makes learning less expensive too. Plus, the classes could be accessed at our convenience too. The staff at NeoStencil are very friendly. They are always available to help us. Neostencil's Customer Experience Manager, Ayushi Mishra was very helpful. She has given immediate responses for all my queries. She always ensures that any issue I convey is...Read more


    Devi S

    New Delhi
  • NeoStencil has gone out of the way to make learning easier, flexible & accessible!

    What I truly appreciate is how NeoStencil has gone out of the way to make learning easier, flexible and accessible. Their platform, technologically speaking, is a delight to work on with its great ease-of-access and no bugs. It has been just a couple of weeks of studying under Mitra Sir's tutelage. I have to say I am impressed with his conceptual clarity, commitment and bare-bones approach to Philosophy. I appreciate the the focus he has on answer writing- a sine-qua-non for Civil Services.


    Burhan Hussain

  • A big thumbs up for the initiative taken by NeoStencil!

    A big thumbs-up for the initiative taken by NeoStencil for providing quality education to the students living outside Delhi. I would like to thank the entire NeoStencil team for all the help and support. Looking forward to join few more courses in due course of time. The Sociology course taken up by Praveen Sir was really helpful to me. I was able to understand the fundamentals of the subject and apply the garnered knowledge in tackling difficult problems asked in the Civil Services Examination.


    Lalit Mohan Pathak

  • I am sitting here in Singapore but feeling like am in Delhi

    Thank you NeoStencil for providing such a wonderful platform for CSE aspirants. The courses are well fabricated as per the need of the examination, video quality is good and the service rendered by the staff is amazing. I am sitting here in Singapore but feeling like I am in Delhi within a handful distance from quality teachers guiding me. Thanks NeoStencil once again. I joined Public Administration course by Pavan Kumar Sir and it is really helpful. I am also planning to join Ethics and Editorial classes by Ansari Sir soon.

    features image

    Santhosh D

  • This is simply what the need of the hour is!

    This is simply what the need of the hour is! Taking IAS preparation classes at the comfort of my home and at the timing that I like. Add to it the advantage of having recorded classes to revise topics. You are helping a lot many students to avoid the crowded Old Rajinder Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar areas and letting them prepare along with their jobs (if any) and living in their own city. It just can't get better.



    Gurgaon, Haryana
  • I am extremely lucky that I am Student of NeoStencil

    I am extremely lucky that i am a student of some of the online courses conducted by NeoStencil. All members of NeoStencil Organization are very friendly and hardworking. They are doing their best to support every students in best possible way. Quality of their service is the best and of immense help for students staying far from delhi. Courses are taken by best faculties of delhi coaching institutes so needless to say its the best and one should join them without giving a second thought.Read more



    Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
  • NeoStencil has changed the way preparation was taken

    Neostencil had changed the way preparation was taken hitherto and will continue to be a revolution in this field. People who until now weren't able to go to Delhi and bear the cost of living and other things, would get the opportunity to study in the comfort of their homes peacefully. Thank you NS for the support of your team and your dedication to provide us with all this. Read more



    Orai, Uttar Pradesh
  • Thank you for the revolution!

    I thank Neostencil for initiating the most revolutionary form of coaching specially for those who cannot afford to go out of their town. NeoStencil has made a very positive impact in my preparation by not only saving a lot my time and money but also allowing me to invest the major part of my energy in studies and revision of the subjects which otherwise would have gone in travelling from one coaching to another. Neostencil is always going to be my obvious choice as I get to listen to the lectures over and over again following my own convenient schedule. NeoStencil bring  a unique concept of...Read more



    Pune, Maharashtra
  • NeoStencil platform is excellent

    Neostencil platform is excellent in terms of video quality and speed. I did ethics case study course by Ansari sir. Case studies were of good quality. He focussed on different approaches to tackle case studies. I liked his classes.Read more



    Paradip, Orissa
  • New York to Rajender Nagar. NeoStencil for the win!

    Being outside India and not able to get right guidance from almost anyone, NeoStencil came to rescue me as I am preparing for one of the toughest exams in India, UPSC Civil Services, away from Delhi where most of the good instructors are located. What was praiseworthy was that NeoStencil not only connected me with one of the famous instructors for my optional subject Pub Ad Mr. Pavan sir in Delhi Live, but also gave me the flexibility to view the recorded lectures at my convenience. The entire experience was an online classroom where apart from live class, sir uploaded tests online on portal...Read more



    Civil Services Aspirant
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